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The wait - the most frustratingly pleasurable part. Lena knew it would eventually happen and that became part of the psychological play and pain. Everyday she waited filled with anticipation and a building excitement blossoming from this craving, which escalated to an emotional rollercoaster ride as soon as Karen got home. Her presence alone set off a host of endorphins. Trying to contain her desire and focus just made the play even more delightful particularly when they went upstairs and got ready for bed.

While Karen undressed and brushed her teeth, Lena purposefully rifled through her night clothes, although doing so quietly and casually as if it didn't really matter at all. She'd tell herself that night after night. What did or did not happen really didn't matter, though inside the desire continued to burn, so much so that every night she found herself going to bed wet.

The tease was more than physical, however. In Lena's eyes, Karen possessed the holy trinity - mind, body, and soul. Any missing pieces were miniscule when compared to the whole, and as in any power symbol, Karen had an irresistible presence. Her walk, her voice, the words she chose, the manner in which she conducted herself, the way she looked in her clothes. From her business wear to her walking-the-dog look, Karen made an impression. The energy that illuminated from her, the irresistible smile, the way her eyes sparkled with both mischief and warmth, and then her wit and charm. Karen's intellect and vision for life and the way she hypnotically expressed herself, at times intimidating the most confident of her peers, only made her more beautiful when combined with the fact that she was also one of the most passionate and caring spirits around. One moment to sit and talk with her was all that was needed to be hooked.

Lena also had a strong presence. Her personality had been quite domineering all her life. She pursued everything with great vigor, sometimes without regard to the consequences, which got her in a great deal of trouble on occasion. This was true of her career and her personal life. However, she tended to be more reserved and quiet in most situations, being the mostly calm and quiet force in a room. Put her in front of her a crowd to do presentation or lead a training session and she shined. She loved an audience, but when it came time for personal pursuits, she was drawn to outgoing powerful women, the kind often sought out because of their strength and spirit and then are attempted to be broken and domesticated, conquered and controlled. Lena was the opposite. The strength and spirit attracted her, and she wanted to nurture it not harness it.

In the world of dating, however, she often found disappointment. It took a particular kind of woman who could get along with another powerful woman without it turning into a competition or power struggle. She tried dating women who would were more passive, but Lena always ended up looking for more. She wanted someone with vision, someone who could share success in all parts of their lives. Someone she could grow with and contribute to their growth as well. She wanted a partnership, and with Karen, she finally found one.
This ability to work together for a common goal made its way into their sex life, making being with Karen the most satisfying experience Lena had ever had. Karen listened without judgment to Lena's desires and brought into them ways that pushed Lena into pleasure she had only imagined. With Karen, she could finally be honest about what she wanted, and deep inside Lena wanted to be dominated. So many women thought she was a freak for bringing it up, making her feel sick for what she enjoyed. Lena found it ironic that this was the same reaction she had to deal with because of being a lesbian. Now she had to deal with the same judgment from lesbians. The few that did play, however, either turned out to be posers, couldn't go as far as she wanted to, or ended up passive halfway through, looking for Lena to take over and dominate them. This is, of course, when she could find women attractive enough to her and having the right chemistry to push her to want them to dominate her. She didn't want that from just anyone because she considered turning over control and submitting to being topped as a gift.

After dating Karen for a few months, Lena was sure Karen was the one. Karen was a survivor and a hunter, not that different from Lena, but much more aggressive about her pursuits. Her confidence waved like a banner in the wind, and Lena enjoyed being next to Karen as time went by and they faced challenges together. Lena was a fighter. She overcame whatever came her way just like Karen, and opening up to her and allowing Karen to dominate her came naturally. Karen could top her any day and at any time she desired. Lena felt embarrassed about being so easy, but she found it extremely difficult not to be when Karen pursued her. The play was cat and mouse, and once Karen pounced, Lena gave in to wherever Karen led them.

As Lena continued washing the dishes and Karen watched television, her mind drifted to the way Karen's strong arms wrapped around her, holding her tight against her athletic body. The way Karen looked right through her when she cupped her chin and pulled Lena's mouth to hers, pressing into her, completely enveloping her with a kiss that she had never known until she met Karen - a kiss that belonged to Karen only. She could kiss blindfolded and be able to distinguish Karen's mouth. In one kiss, any hopes of playing hard to get were destroyed. In Lena's workplace, she made the decisions, gave direction, and walked in the power of her position. She dominated that world, but whenever she got home and the issues of home were taken care of, then she looked forward to the time when she could serve Karen. Karen owned her, and she made sure Karen was well aware of her position.

Lena looked at the clock. They had about thirty minutes left before Karen called for bedtime. She always gave Lena the option of staying up, but she hardly ever did. She liked the idea of them going to bed together, and of course, it kept the hope going, the anticipation that maybe tonight. Maybe. "I'm tired, honey. Think I'll turn in. You coming, or are you going to stay up?"

"I want to finish these dishes," Lena responded half surprising herself. "
"No problem. Everything okay," Karen inquired curiously.
"Yeah, I just want don't want to wake up to this in the morning."
"Need help?'
"Nope. I'm okay, really," Lena re-assured.
"Hmm, all right," Karen responded as she walked over and kissed Lena goodnight. Lena watched Karen go up the stairs. Damn, she is so fucking hot, Lena thought to herself, drifting into fantasy as she washed the dishes.

Each one felt so exotic in water and soap. Smooth round edges polished by the caress of her hands, caresses that she envisioned following the shape of Karen's body. Such beauty in the patterns carefully painted on such a hard surface, and yet able to crack and break without the right care or touch. Lena continued to stroke each piece, enjoying the sensation so much that she didn't notice that Karen had come back downstairs, didn't notice until she felt Karen's arms wrap around her waist.

"What are you doing, babe," she asked trying not to seem interested.
"What do you think I'm doing?"
"I've got to finish these."
"I don't care, you hear me? Now, don't make any noise, understand?"

Understand? Jesus, did Lena understand as she felt that familiar heated rush flowing from her chest and running down through her legs almost to the point of losing her balance. Karen ran her hands under Lena's shirt. Slowly she moved her hands over Lena's stomach and then put one hand over each breast. Lena's nipples pushed hard into the palms of her hands, and Karen continued to massage them until she felt Lena arching her back into her own chest. Cupping her hands under each breast, she took the hard nipples between her finger and thumb and twisted, sandwiching the erect flesh tightly as she pinched harder and harder. The more rapid Lena's breaths became, the more she put pressure on her nipples. When Lena gasped, Karen stopped and pushed hard against Lena's body, pinning her against the counter.

Reaching up and grabbing Lena by the throat, her nails digging in enough to make small crescent moon shapes in Lena's skin, Karen pulled Lena's head back and growled into her ear, "I told you not to make any noise. You want me to leave you like this or do you want more?" Lena swallowed, not daring to make a sound except for the increased heaviness in her breaths. "All right then," Karen acknowledged as she pressed harder against Lena, hard enough now for Lena to notice an the bulge pressing against her. Karen was packing. Lena could feel herself getting soaked. She was already spinning, and she knew Karen could do whatever she wanted with her. She had no defense, and she liked it this way.

As she thought about how good Karen felt against her, she noticed those strong hands finding their way to the belt loops on her pants. Taking hold of the loops, Karen pulled them up so hard that the inner seem cut right between Lena's legs. The pain it caused was nothing compared to the pleasure. While Lena felt split in two, Karen rubbed against her with the cock in her pants and rocked Lena's body to and fro forcing the seam to rub against Lena's clit.

Feeling herself getting wetter and wetter, Lena reached up and around Karen's neck, pulling her forward as she bent her head back, mouth ready to receive Karen's. When their mouths met, Lena hung on tight for a furious ride. However, Karen broke away and roughly turned Lena around to face her. Again, she pressed forward trapping Lena against the counter. Then, she quickly grabbed Lena's arms and held them down at her sides.

"Do not touch me until I tell you to, understand?" Lena nodded yes and then closed her eyes as Karen brought her mouth over Lena's and kissed her, letting her tongue flick at Lena's, teasing her just enough until she pressed her mouth down harder to capture Lena's tongue and suck it. Karen worked over Lena's tongue until she heard a small whimper, then she released her grip on Lena's arms. Immediately Lena wrapped her arms around Karen.

"I didn't tell you to touch me." Lena felt a coldness shoot through her. Oh shit, she thought, not daring to say a word. "Turn around."

Lena obeyed and listened as Karen unbuckled her belt. Her breathing increased as she heard the leather slide from around Karen's waist and then it came - the first lashing on her ass. Then another, slightly harder than the first, followed by three more. Lena held on to the counter, trying not to make a sound, feeling the tears well up but holding on to the excitement overwhelming her.

Karen dropped the belt on the floor. "Put your hands behind your back," she commanded. Lena obliged, immediately feeling the cold steel of the handcuffs wrapping around her wrists. "You just can never do this the easy way, can you, bitch? Now fucking turn around."

Facing Karen, Lena looked straight into Karen's eyes. They burned through her, and Lena felt her knees going weak. Karen smiled devilishly, knowing exactly what Lena wanted from her, which made her want to drag this out as long as possible. "You want me to kiss you, don't you?" Lena nodded. Karen brought her mouth close to Lena's. Her hot breath rolled over Lena's lips like thick fog.

"Don't move," Karen stated in her most domineering tone as she leaned in and kissed Lena lightly, moved to her cheek, then down to her neck, where she nibbled and made small bite marks down to her shoulder, where she pinched a good piece of flesh in between her teeth and began biting down. As she the pressure increased, Lena's mind raced. She wanted to voice her pleasure so badly, but she didn't dare. All she could do was drop her open and breathe as softly as possible.

Karen felt Lena's heart pounding, the racing of her breath, and pulled off her shoulder slowly, allowing the pain to last just a bit longer before letting her skin rest. While Lena caught her breath, Karen reached down between Lena's legs. Her jeans were soaked all the way through. She smiled to herself as she backed up and reached into her pocket for the handcuff key. Pulling it out, she grabbed Lena and turned her around. As soon as she removed the handcuffs, Karen pushed her body tightly against Lena's and put her mouth against Lena's ear, demandingly whispering, "Now you can touch me."

Lena wrapped her arms around Karen's neck as their mouths met again. The kiss allowed nothing to penetrate, not even the slightest breath. Lena felt like she would faint as she let her hands fall to Karen's arms. She loved the hardness she found there. They were incredibly sexy, bicep bulges just right as they moved. The firm muscle that Karen worked so hard on paid off and were just like the rest of her - strongly feminine. There was no mistaking these were a woman's arms, but they were in fucking great shape, Lena noted as she continued to get more and more turned on.

Frenzied with desire, Lena wrapped her right leg around Karen and pulled her tighter, allowing herself to rub against the bulge in Karen's pants. Responding, Karen began humping against Lena and then pulled back enough to re-position her mouth over Lena's top lip. She sucked it and bit down, softly at first and then hard enough to draw blood. Karen paused and looked again into Lena's eyes. They were caught tight in her own, a look within them that hid nothing and assured her that all was going quite well.

Karen put a finger to Lena's lip. A tiny drop of blood dotted her finger tip, and Karen maintained direct eye contact with Lena as she brought the finger to her mouth and licked off the blood with a flick of her tongue. Then she moved in again on Lena's mouth, concentrating on the point of contact. Slowly at first, Karen sucked Lena's lip. Her head bobbed with precision as she drained the small wound of every drop while Lena continued to grind and moan.

"Go to the couch," commanded Karen stepping back from Lena and allowing her to attempt to move. Lena felt intoxicated. The whole experience was euphoric. She could get no better high. She had tried various drugs, but nothing gave her the rush she got from being dominated sexually, and Karen certainly was fulfilling her needs. There wasn't a drug that could compare to what Karen made her feel, and she was so satisfied that she didn't even want to try to find one. Lena had found The One.

As she approached the couch, Lena heard Karen tell her to stop as she took her position directly behind her again, and felt Karen's hand go into her hair, wrapping it slowly in her hand until finally pulling it tight and hard. "Take off your pants and bend over," Karen demanded as she released her grip. Lena did as she was told. Once bent over the couch, she felt Karen's fingers reaching into her crotch, feeling all the soaking evidence that Lena was more than ready for whatever Karen had in mind.

"You want me to fuck you, don't you," Karen roughly asked. Silence.
"You can make all the noise you want to now, honey, cause if you don't, I'll just go on up to bed."
"Oh God, please don't. Yes, I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me, baby."
"All right then. Turn around and take out what you want me to give to you."

Turning to face Karen, Lena looked down at the bulge. God, she wanted it more than she could ever express. Trying to maintain composure, she slowly unbuttoned Karen's jeans and pulled out nine inches of strapped-on cock. She immediately looked up at Karen, who grinned at her and then reached around her again taking her hair and pulling it tight as she brought Lena's mouth back to hers.

After a few seconds, Karen broke away and told Lena to turn back around, which Lena did immediately right before bending back over. "Did I tell you to bend over," Karen admonished as she slapped Lena's ass. The sting made Lena stand straight up and pushed her even closer to complete surrender.

"Can't you follow simple fucking directions," Karen interrogated.
"Yes ma'am," came the humble reply.
"Doesn't seem like it."
"I'm sorry ma'am. Please…."
"Please nothing. You fucking don't listen."
"I'm sorry. Baby, please, I'll do whatever you want me to."
"You're goddamn right you will, but you don't deserve it."
"You're right, I don't."
"You're damn right you don't."
"Please, give me the honor of fucking me," Lena begged.
"Okay, but you'd better be good, or I will stop."
"Yes ma'am."
"All right then, bend over bitch," Karen commanded.

Leaning over the couch, Lena felt Karen kick her legs apart as she searched for the precise location of Lena's opening and then with the other hand guided the thick, long dildo into Lena's pussy. Lena gasped as she felt it go in all the way and Karen didn't waste anytime before she started fucking her.

As Karen pumped against her ass, Lena could feel the occasional coolness of the leather harness against her skin. She loved the contrast between the cold leather and metal with the warmth of Karen's body. Her mind continued to swirl as Karen continued moving in and out of her in combinations of fast and slow strokes. Lena fucked back, keeping in time with her rhythm, as the dildo made its way deeper and deeper, hitting spots that sent chills throughout her body. It wasn't long before Lena began her litany to God, and Karen knew she had to curtail this, or she'd lose her opportunity.

"I've got a surprise for you," Karen stated as Lena heard a familiar humming.

Pushing in the cock deep and holding her position steady, Karen took out the ridged purple vibrator, pulled out a condom and slipped it over the bullet shaped toy. Then she took out the packet of lube and squeezed it out on her fingers. She put a little over Lena's ass then shoved two fingers inside. Then she put in two more. Karen finger-fucked her hard, swirling her fingers in and out, carefully greasing her asshole inside and out while pumping Lena with the strap-on at the same time.

Once she was well-lubricated, Karen removed her fingers and pushed the vibrator into Lena's ass. Lena adored anal sex, and Karen was more than glad to give it to her. She often wondered just how much would ever be too much, but this was neither the time nor the place, Karen reminded herself as she continued to pump the dildo and vibrator into Lena's willing orifices. Meanwhile, Lena masturbated, rubbing her ever swelling clit to the point where she knew if she didn't say something, it would be too late.

"Baby, please I want to cum," Lena finally managed to say.
"And…." Karen teased.
"Oh God, please, let me cum," Lena continued to plead.
"All right, since you've been such a good girl."

Karen took out the vibrator and cock. "Lay down on the couch," she directed as she tucked the dildo back into her pants, wiped her hands off on her jeans, and took off her shirt, placing it underneath Lena's ass.

Reaching into her pocket, Karen pulled out the anti-bacterial she needed to prep and pulled off her shirt so Lena could lay down on top of it, and because she knew Lena enjoyed the sight of her tits, firm and always at attention. With slow precision, Karen reached under the couch where she had hidden the large tube of lube just for this moment. As Lena laid back on the shirt, knees bent and legs wide, Karen squeezed out a liberal amount of lube onto her right hand. Just as she did with her ass, Karen pushed two fingers into Lena's cunt fast and hard. Pumping in and out as Lena moved in time, Karen put in another finger as she pulled herself up beside Lena's ear. "You want me to shove my fist inside your pussy, baby?" Lena swallowed and then finally managed to say, "Yes, I want all of you inside of me, baby. Put it all in me."

Lena was well lubricated when Karen began to work her open. She took all fingers in right away. Karen followed Lena's body movements and carefully looked up at her face, monitoring everything and listening closely. "Go slow, baby, I like to feel it all, feel you stretching me out, feel all of you going in. Oh, God, yes, baby," Lena encouraged as Karen tucked in her thumb and made her hand as small as possible, forming the cone shape that allowed her to begin final entry. She felt Lena gasp. "Breathe, baby. Deep breaths, slow, let me in. Baby, I want to be all in you. Relax. Yes, that's it."

This was always so intense. Karen knew what it took for Lena to give this way, to allow herself to be filled as completely as possible with her. It was something that always amazed her as she pushed and turned carefully Lena's muscles surrendered allowing Karen's knuckles to slide through and that familiar pop was felt. Inside her, Karen's hand folded into the fist as her entry closed around her at the wrist. Lena moaned and reached down to feel what was left of Karen. All she could feel was arm. "So fucking amazing. My entire fist inside you, baby. God you've it all."

"It's everything I can give to you. It's all I have, to allow you to fill me all the way. Oh God, Karen, you feel so good inside me," Lena shared. All the pain it took to get there was worth it, she thought as she immediately began stroking her clit. Karen moved her fist as she felt Lena's muscles begin to contract, the waves of the movements so intense because of her position. She continued the dance with Lena, circular at first and then in short pumps that followed Lena's responses.

"Almost there, baby" Lena managed to say as her breaths became heavier, and she could feel her muscles beginning to grip tighter on Karen's fist. The buildup came in short pulses and then she felt that last push before the pleasure arrived, and when it did, the orgasm raced from her clit, up her spine, and then down to the tips of her toes.

"Oh God, Karen. That's it, baby. Oh God, Karen, this is all yours. I'm cuming, baby," was that last she managed to say as she felt everything that had been allowed to build up release itself all over Karen's fist, tight in the space within her, totally encompassed in the orgasm.

When her muscles relaxed, Lena helped Karen ease her hand out. Then she pulled Karen down on top of her. Karen kissed her and held her. She was damn aware of how long Lena had been waiting. She also knew that waiting was part of what she liked, with a few teasing previews in between.

"Well, it's time for bed, don't ya think," Karen finally said to shake them back into the real world. "I don't think I can move," Lena teased. "Come to bed," Karen answered as she pulled Lena and lead her up the stairs.

Lena complied willingly. Once in bed, Karen wrapped her up in her arms. The rest of the dishes would have to wait, Lena thought as they both drifted off to sleep.