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From Blue Sleighty’s new series:

“How to Love Your Lesbian From Her Head to Her Toes.”

~ Sex alone can not make a great sex life.

Part II

The Eyes, the Ears, the Nose:
Presentation is EVERYTHING

by Blue Sleighty


The Eyes-


You want your love to love what she sees, correct?

Take the time and make the effort to be the best YOU that you can be. LOOK your best and BE your best. Not just for her- but for yourself. If you like the way that you look, you will feel confident. Confidence is sexy.

Keep yourself looking your best. Be clean. Make sure that your clothes are clean, the colors match and that they look and FEEL good on you. Being comfortable in what you are wearing will give you a sense of ease and help relax you.

Keep your fingernails and your toenails clean and trimmed. It is best to keep your fingernails short so that you do not injure your lover when you are having sex. Keep your toenails short (and clean) in case your lover wants to pay “special attention” to your feet, and so you do not injure your lover while you are sleeping together.

Sometimes after we have been with the same significant other for a while, we start to relax and do not put as much effort into our looks as we did when we were first trying to impress her. Do not take your appearance for granted.

Clean your space. We do not all have the same living arrangements. My Secret Obsession is read by women and men from over 150 countries. Whether you and your lover share your private hours in your own home, or if you have to share space with others, keep the area that you share and are responsible for clean, organized and appealing.


The Ears

Music is more important than many people realize. For some people it is included as criteria when considering dating possibilities. Therefore, it is a good idea to find a common ground musically. Once you find a genre of music that you both enjoy, start building a collection together.

Think before you speak. After you say it- you can't take it back. Although most of the sweet and loving things that you say will be forgotten, ALL of the negative things that you say will be remembered FOREVER. So try to keep your mouth shut when you are angry or hurt, even if your lover says hurtful things to you. It is not necessary to 'even a score' when you are on the same team.

The ear is considered an erogenous zone. But don't overdo it. It is generally pretty disgusting to have a slobbery tongue in one's ear canal and getting kissed on the ear is LOUD and not sexy. Keep the physical attention to the ear to a minimum except for the ear lobe. Nibbling and kissing the ear lobe is very nice . . .

Earrings are a really terrific gift. Can't go wrong with diamond studs, or simple gold hoops! And while you're enjoying your new bangles, don't forget to remove them in the throes of passion or even when sleeping. You can injure your earlobe or even scratch your partner when snuggling.


The Nose

The sense of smell is a mysterious and powerful thing. Aside from olfactory system involvement in what we call “sexual chemistry”, our selection of a mate, and signaling to our mates that we desire sex, we make associations with scents throughout our lives that are never forgotten.

The way that you smell and the way that your home smells have a subtle but extremely strong affect on the way that all involved physically feels, on our mood and emotions, and on how we remember things.

Scented candles and incense make your home environment warm and pleasant. Be clean and keep your body smelling clean. A clean, pleasant smelling body (and environment) makes sex hotter and the sexual possibilities endless!

Appeal to her senses.

Sensuality should not be neglected.

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