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 Chapter 4

Raquel had her head on my shoulder, and I had a slice of pizza in one hand as Jay Leno told jokes on TV. And I was going to move this silky creature away from me, get up, and answer a telephone call? Not a chance. She glanced up at me to see if I was going to get up, and then nestled her head up to my shoulder again. I was in my lesbian blissful dream state and I didn't want to wake up just yet.

One ear listened as the beep tone on the voice message speaker sounded from the kitchen.

"Hi Mom..." Brian's voice began. I smiled. My son. It was his 27th birthday tomorrow, and he had probably received the shirts I sent him, and his favorite cocoanut candies, which I had made and packaged carefully the week before.

"Surprise!" he and Gina's voice squawked together. "We're in town, and we're right down the street, headed to your place..." I sat bolt upright, and Raquel looked at me.

"Hope you're home!" My son continued cheerily. " If not, we'll just go in with our key, and we'll see you when you get there... hope to see you in a few minutes!"


"Oh god."

Raquel had heard the whole thing too, and no explanation was needed. "I'll go," she said, hurrying to get up and gather her things. "And I'll come back later, if you like."

"No-Raquel..." I said, thinking quickly. "By the time you get dressed and get halfway down the driveway, they'll see you." My driveway was a little over a quarter of a mile long, snaking through the woods before emerging onto the highway. I didn't want them to see her leaving, it would be easier if she stayed. My mind raced for an explanation.

"I at least have to get dressed," she said hurrying her naked body to my bedroom, where her sexy white tube dress was. I just didn't have friends her age, that dressed like that, so the "visiting girfriend" story would be a tough sell.

"You don't happen to have like a medical therapist uniform... nurse outfit or something in that bag, do you?"

She paused. "Scrubs. I have like hospital scrubs in--"

"Put 'em on. Hurry."

"I mean--"

I pointed at her. "You're my massage therapist. Just follow my lead ok?" I said as I hurriedly gathered up skirts and panties from the floor. "Brian and his surprises..." I muttered.

"Massage therapist," she repeated.

"Yes, just play along with me. I know you can."

She shrugged, and I looked out the window. A pair of headlights was about two hundred yards from the front of the house.

I quickly cleared the table of pizza and wine glasses. Gina, the angel that she was, always came here and cleaned things. My God that woman insisted on dusting, doing my laundry, helping in the kitchen, even making my bed, now that I was sick. She was so sweet it was maddening.

I went to the bedroom as Raquel was pulling on the scrubs and a pair of tennis shoes. Yes, she looked like a massage therapist. An impossibly cute and sexy one, but a massage therapist.

I stuffed her dress, panties, and shoes in one of my empty drawers and did a quick walk through of the house to make sure we hadn't left anything else around.

A horn honked twice outside.

Raquel looked at me as she came out. "Two role-plays in one night," she said, with a straight face.

I had to laugh.

Brian and Gina had their own key, but they knocked anyway, and rang the doorbell, probably because they saw a strange car in the driveway.

"Mom!" they both chimed, grinning as they came in, and looking around furtively, to see who the guest was. Raquel, sitting professionally at the dinner table,

smiled at them and waved her hand. As our hugging subsided, she got up, standing there with her hands clasped in front of her.

"Mom, we didn't know you had company, are we interrupting someth--"

"Oh, not at all, honey... Raquel, I'd like you to meet my daughter-in-law, Gina, and my son, Brian... kids, Raquel is my massage therapist. Remember the doctor had recommended it... ?"

"Hi," Gina said, taking Raquel's hand in both of hers, "so nice to meet you." Brian greeted her then, and Raquel said, "Nice to meet you too, Susan told me so much about you in such a short period of time!"

"We certainly don't want to interrupt your treatment," Gina said with a concerned look.

"We just finished," Raquel said with a calm smile. "The first session anyway. She has to have another one tomorrow."

I do?

"Yes, she is wonderful," I said as we all sat down at the table. "Brian you scoundrel. This is a surprise honey!"

"Aw, well, we missed you and I was able to get a couple of days off, so we decided to drive down on our way to Hilton Head."

Were they staying? I wondered. I would have a hard time telling them no.

"That was so thoughtful, sweetheart," I said, "and happy birthday, too," I said, getting up and giving him another hug. Out of the corner of my eye, I could already spot Gina's eyes sweeping the house to see what she could clean for me.

"Well," Raquel said, "now I'm the one interrupting, so I'll go."

"Oh no," Gina said, making a face, "must you? We haven't even gotten to know you! Raquel, anyone who is taking care of Mom is special. Like part of our family."

Raquel smiled at Gina as Gina held her hand. She glanced at me, probably wondering what "taking care of Mom" meant.

"Really, Raquel," I chimed in, "You told me that for the first month, I'd need a massage at night and then one in the morning, to bolster my immune system, and all that, once a week."

My son and his wife were listening attentively. "It's late, and, you live so far away. It only makes sense for you to stay here, that is if you can."

"Oh yes," Gina insisted, "stay, Raquel. There are three bedrooms here."

"Well, I don't want to impose..." She said, sitting back down.

"Nonsense," I said. "It only makes sense. For you to drive back out here tomorrow morning, with the rain we've been having, is silly."

"Ok, I suppose I can stay," she said, "That's very sweet of you."

"Great!" Gina said, clasping her hands together. My daughter-in-law loves to make new friends.

"Mom, we can take our bedroom, as usual?" Brian asked.

"Sure, honey, go bring your things in and get settled."

As Brian brought in two small overnight bags, Gina and Raquel chatted. Gina was leaning over the table, focused keenly on my new "massage therapist."

"I'm just amazed," Gina said, "that things like massage can actually help with the cancer."

Raquel glanced at me again, as if to say, "cancer, huh?"

She brushed back her hair and nodded. "We have no long-standing studies in place that show any cases where the cancer was cured, but one study showed breast cancer patients with a remission rate about 30% higher than those who didn't get regular massages."

I sat there dumbstruck. Raquel was pouring out the bullshit with such confidence and poise, I even started to wonder if she had some medical therapy background. Boy, could she think on her feet!

"Wow..." Gina whispered, very impressed.

"Massage has been a healer for thousands of years," Raquel said, as if she had given this mini-lecture before. "We're just now starting to realize its benefits in the medical field as a supplement to healing and treatment."

Incredible! I took effort to keep my eyes from bulging and my mouth from dropping open. Now this was Oscar material!

"That's so cool," Gina said, beaming at her. You'll have to give me your card before you go. One day, when I am down here and we have time, maybe I could get a session with you... ?"

"Of course," Raquel said with a smile. "I ran out of cards the other day and I'm having more printed out, but Susan has my number."

Oh right, I thought. Just dial up Angels on Call, Gina, they'll send her right over. I suppressed the urge to laugh out loud again.

I thought then of Gina, naked on a table with Raquel's hands going to work on her. Oh boy.

I was in this strange state of trepidation, mixed with the high that came with our ad lib story working so well. Gina and Brian had swallowed it all, hook line and sinker, so far.

Brian joined us at the table, and the conversation changed, blessedly, to his job and things he and Gina were doing back home.

Raquel was the perfect guest, just involved and warm enough, but still the professional in scrubs, which she played much better than I ever thought possible.

"Oh, you guys live in Colorado," she whined, "you're sooo lucky!"

Then she added, "I've skiied there a couple of times with friends."

"Yeah, where?" Brian asked.

"Breckenridge once, Steamboat Springs the other time..."

Gina and Brian smiled at each other. "We live right outside Breckenridge," Gina said.

Raquel rolled her eyes dramatically. "Awesome," she said.

The conversation meandered, much of it having to do with us, and Raquel bowed out. She looked at her watch (which I didn't even remember her putting on), stood and stretched. "You guys visit," she said. "I'm going to go to bed. It was so nice to meet you two."

Gina was by her side instantly. "Come on, Raquel, I'll make sure you have everything you need in there."

"Susan," Raquel said, looking back at me, "you're a lucky lady, to have a family like this."

"Oh I am very lucky, yes," I said, still incredulous at her acting job.

I strained to hear whatever conversation was going on in the spare bedroom as Brian talked to me. I heard a couple of giggles, and heard Gina say, "We are very happy to know you, Raquel."

My god, I thought, sitting there. How did all this happen, so fast?

When Gina came back, she was smiling, "What a great girl, Mom. I like her so much already!"

Yes, I'm kind of fond of her myself, I thought, hiding the wicked, secret smirk that was trying to sneak out onto my face.

"Gina, my darling, you love everybody," I said, "and that's why I love you."

She hugged me, and then sat. "So, this massage really works, huh?"

"Oh, I don't know, yet. It's my first treatment. It felt wonderful, though. The doctor-no, Raquel said something that she had read about it slowing down the cell mutation. I don't know..." I had to be careful to attribute things to the doctor. Brian spoke with him at least once a week.

"When's your next appointment with the oncologist, Mom?" Brian asked.

"Two weeks."

He nodded. We talked some more, and Gina headed to the kitchen. I heard the clink of wine glasses, and then the faucet come on. Damn, I thought. She is in dishwashing mode now, and I'm sure she's wondering, what kind of masssage therapist drinks wine with their patient.

I heard the oven door open and close. "I'll put the pizza in the fridge for tomorrow, Mom," she called out.

"Gina, for godssake, leave all that alone. I'll get it."

Thankfully, she complied.

As we all headed to bed, no one-except me-noticed that we walked right by a pair of little white and pink cotton panties which were just under the back of the sofa, barely sticking out.

I would make it a point to get up soon, for some water, and retrieve those.

I thought of the day, as I settled into bed, and thought of Raquel in her bed, next door to Gina and Brian, where we really couldn't get to each other. What an incredible turn of events had occurred in such a short time!

I was woozy from the day of wild sex, slumber partying and drinking wine with my young, secret lover, and most recently, the hasty cover story.

Gina peeked her head in my room. "I'm going to get up early and fix us all a big breakfast! 'Nite Mom." Good god, that girl was impossible.

"Goodnite, sweetie."

I closed my eyes, thinking of my lovely Raquel, wanting so much to kiss her goodnight. My plan had been to fall asleep with her, and wake up with her in my arms. Oh well. I couldn't regret the rest of it, could I? Besides, Brian was visiting. How greedy did I need to be?

Sleep pulled me down quickly, my thoughts doing a lazy spiral, about what the morning would bring.

It smelled like pancakes when my eyes opened.

I splashed my face and went out to the kitchen, feeling more than just a bit groggy from the previous day's astounding romp of pleasure.

The whole aura of the house was different now, of course. I had planned last night's sleep to be a temporary breather in between part two of the whirlwind tour througmy private lesbian theme park. Instead, I was awaking to something pleasantly odd, a completely foreign, unrehearsed stage play. The leading lady, Raquel, was in the kitchen, I discovered, helping my daughter-in-law cook prepare breakfast.

I must be hallucinating this, I thought. Someone slipped LSD in my coffee yesterday morning, and it would all fade away when the drug wore off.

But there she was, the young woman who in eighteen hours had learned my body more intimately than perhaps anyone ever had, in a borrowed robe, chatting happily with my son's wife, playing expertly the part of my massage therapist.

"There she is," Gina sang as she saw me. "Mom," she said, putting her arm around Raquel like a long lost sister, "I just love Raquel. We've been here talking since seven o'clock. She is awesome."

That she is, I thought. Could this get any more bizarre?

Raquel hugged her back, and leaned her head against Gina's. "Aww. What a sweetie."

Good grief. Well, Susan, you have no one to blame but yourself. You could have let Raquel rush out of here, and explained to them that she was some insurance person, therapist, whatever. Admit it-you didn't want her to go. Now, you've got this family love-fest.

Gina poured me some coffee and Raquel and I shared some long glances. Hers seemed to say, "All is well, relax."

I sipped the coffee and Raquel went into business mode.

"Susan, what do you say we do your treatment about an hour after breakfast? Give your food time to settle in?"

"You know best. Sounds fine."

Gina stirred the scrambled eggs. "And we'll be out of your way. Brian and I will take a walk, or just read or something."

"No problem," Raquel said.

After breakfast, Brian said he wanted to take a swim.

"Oh, honey, let's go in the pool later. Let Raquel give Mom her massage and give them some quiet. Take me to that antique store in town."

Yes, for heaven's sake, go the antique store, I begged.

"There's no reason for you guys to run off," Raquel said. "Go in the pool. We'll be fine in here. My portable table is broken, and being repaired now, so we're using Susan's bedroom anyway."

We are?

Gina shrugged, and Brian fixed her with one of those "told you so" looks, followed by the relieved look of a male who has escaped a trip to the antique store.

So they stayed.

After breakfast, Raquel went to the bathroom, then emerged with her famous, always-at-the-ready green scrubs on. "Ok, Susan, why don't you get ready, and I'll meet you at your bed."

Gina and Brian were already walking out to the pool in their bathing suits, towels slung over their shoulders.

What, I wondered, could actually take place in my bedroom, with my son on the premises, splashing around innocently with his wife?

In case anyone came in, I continued with the script. I stripped, and lay face down on my bed with a towel over my butt.

Raquel came in, humming busily, with a bottle of massage oil.

"Don't tell me, you had that stuff with you too," I said, nodding to the bottle in her hand.

"Of course. A girl has to be prepared."

I giggled, and she closed the door, peeking out to the pool area as she did. She came to me, leaned down and kissed my back, then my shoulders. What a lovely surprise that was!

"You are absolutely amazing," I said, shaking my head wonder at her acting job.

"Moi?" she said in mock innocence, putting her hand on her breast.

"Talk about falling into a role... wow."

"I was in drama in high school she said," smiling.

Then, she rubbed some of the oil in her hands, warming it, and began caressing it into my shoulders.

"What-you're actually going to give me a massage?"

"We can't lie to your son, Susan."

"Thank you."

She let a minute go by, her hands making wide, very pleasant and soothing circles on my shoulders, before she spoke.

"So... you have cancer."


Her hands moved down, to my lower back. It felt good, the way the circles got smaller, the pressure more concentrated.

"How bad? I mean, what kind-"

"Terminal. They say I've got less than a year." I sighed. Part of the spell seemed broken now.

"Susan... I'm sorry... I..."

"It's all right, Raquel," I said into the pillow. "It's all right. I've been through every emotion you can imagine, and some you can't. Now I'm just living. Living however I want to live. Which, by the way, I recommend highly. Before someone tells you that time is almost up."

I heard her take a deep breath. "So, this... this is part of what... like one of those last-chance-to-fulfill-the-fantasy things... ?

"Something like that, yes."

She got up, and locked the door.

"What are you doing?"

"The extra sensual massage," she said quietly. "It's on special today."

My son was outside, in the pool. I should feel funny about doing this, secretly enjoying a female lover, with him here.

But Brian had a female lover too, and they shared a bed in my home last night.

He was a big boy now, I thought, as Raquel's oil-slickened fingers pushed aside the towel and moved lower on my ass.