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 Chapter 3

"That was a bit of surprise," she said, smiling as she soaped up my neck and breasts.

I nodded, as the water drummed against my back. "For me, too. It kind of came out of nowhere, but that's, well... that's what made it really exciting. I wanted it all of a sudden, and I felt comfortable asking you."

"I liked it," she said with a shrug. "It was really very cool. I'm glad we-you did it. Fulfilling your fantasies is what this is all about, right?" She went to her knees, and made wide, circular sweeps with the sponge on my tummy, sides, and up underneath my breasts. "We," she had said, and stopped herself. I liked the fact that she felt that my adventure had also become hers, and not so much a "you pay me, I do what you say" kind of thing. That was the reality, the arrangement; I knew that, of course. But so far, she made it seem so natural, like she was really enjoying herself. I watched her, as she carefully washed me, and the look on her face was one of involvement rather than paid compliance. Enough, Susan, I told myself. Stop second-guessing... well the movement of her sponge made all the weighing and assessing in my head quickly disappear. She was looking up at me, a soft smile on her face, as she worked the soapy sponge in slow circles in my pubis, delving and swabbing to get in the groin creases around my vulva, and finally, excruciatingly, a long swipe from the top of my slit back, down, under, until the sponge was teasing my anus.

I leaned back against the shower wall as she bathed me. She rinsed the sponge, and washed my private areas with care and tenderness. It was more than luxury, having someone bathe me like this. I closed my eyes for a moment, and took it in. It was pure splendor. She rinsed me, and moved to my thighs, down my legs, until all traces of that wild and forbidden shower she had given me were erased.

She stood, and I took the sponge from her.

"My turn," I said, getting a delighted nod from her.

Using her techniques, I bathed her just as carefully, and sensually, marveling at her young, nearly flawless body as I went.

When we were done, we toweled each other off. She looked at me as if to say, "what's next on the agenda?"

I went to the linen closet and took out a big, wool blanket I kept for cold winter nights. Though it wasn't exactly cold out, fall was upon us, and there was a bite to the air once the sun went down.

"Let's relax on the sofa a bit, ok?" I said.

"Sure... do we um, wear anything for this?"

I thought for a moment, more out of dramatic pause then any real decision-making, then shook my head. "Nope. I don't think we should."

She laughed a hearty, natural laugh, throwing her head back a little bit, her eyes gleaming at me in the hallway. "I like the way you think, Susan," she said.

I got the Merlot, which still had about half the bottle remaining, and grabbed our wine glasses on the way. I switched on the TV, and sat down on the sofa, pulling my legs up while Raquel poured the wine. I patted the spot next to me, and to my delight, my new-albeit temporary-companion cuddled up to me, and I covered us both with the blanket. I shivered with the silky smoothness of her body up next to me, our bodies both warm and flowery scented from the shower.

There was some silly comedy show with stand-up comics on TV, and she giggled as she snuggled closer, leaning against me. "This is fun!" she said, as she took a sip of her wine.

"Isn't it?" Our eyes met for a moment, and it was as if neither of us, twelve hours ago, could have really envisioned being here, like this: her, naked under a blanket watching TV with an older woman... me in my own house, with a young and beautiful call girl, snuggled up to me like we were at some deliciously naughty slumber party.

We watched and laughed, changed channels when a lousy act came on, and then ended up back on that channel again. Bumping against each other under the blanket we laughed and commented, draining a second, then a third glass of wine and leaving the Merlot bottle empty. It was such a sweet time, innocent in its own way, save for the touching of our skin under the blanket. I was surprised how much this young woman, twenty-seven years my junior, agreed with me on what was funny and what wasn't, and how we seemed to be in sync. It was like I had a new girlfriend, and I really liked her. We were having fun, the way we had in the pool. Through it all, there was the unspoken understanding, building with erotic silence in both of us, that there was more pleasure to come.

"Am I..." she said softly during a commercial, "what you expected? I mean, you're ok with everything so far?" She was looking down, and trailing her finger down my shoulder. She almost sounded insecure.

I had no idea that she even second-guess herself.

"Raquel, you're wonderful," I said, "this is better than I could have dreamed of."

She grinned happily. "Good. I'm glad."

And she delighted me with a kiss on my neck, soft and lingering. I leaned my head to the opposite side, urging her to go on. She did, moving her kisses slowly lower, along my collarbone.

Then she whispered something in my ear that made my heart surge with wicked excitement. "Tell me what you want," her warm, baby-like breath said.

I looked down into her green eyes and felt my own breath leave me.

"Go down on me... slowly... make love to me," I said, and before she could acknowledge, I planted a kiss on her mouth, and our arms were around each other. I turned to her under the blanket and then leaned back, and she followed me with her mouth still on mine. I was half sitting as I rested my back against the pillows on the arm of the sofa, as Raquel's lovely face descended to my breasts. She took a nipple in her mouth and sucked gently.

My senses awakened at her touch, alive and tingling. Her tongue licked and teased both nipples and she lathered my breasts with the most luscious lashes and suckings. I was fast turning to melted butter in her hands.

Raquel's hair was brushing my pelvis softly when her face sank between my open thighs. I let out a long, high moan as her tongue went to work on me down there. God, it was exquisite, the way she ate me!

I could feel, every so often, her breasts brushing the backs of my thighs as she licked and teased every nook and cranny of my womanhood. This girl's mouth was turning my pussy into a bubbling lava bed, and my heart into a veritable fireworks show.

I was only vaguely aware of her words, so lost I had become in the sensations that were seizing me. I could swear at point I heard, from between my thighs, her voice murmur, "ohh Susan you are delicious..."

That finished me. My body was soon quaking with intense currents of pleasure, and where each one ended in my nerves another popped and streaked through me. I could not ever remember climaxing for so long. My fingers must have felt like talons to her, so tightly I gripped her arms as she tried to corral my squirming body.

Finally, the waves stopped battering me, and she slid up to lay on top of me. I slipped my arms around her, running them down her back, to that round, perfect butt, and she kissed me deeply.

I was enthralled at tasting myself, particularly on her mouth. Another spasm welled up in me as her pussy, snug against mine, ground softly against me. I pushed up against her, my clit pressing and rubbing against her thigh as she kissed me. Another thunderous orgasm seized me, and I moaned into her mouth.

"Mmmmm..." She hummed. She gently broke the kiss, and with one finger brushed and pulled some silvery strands of hair from my face as I looked up at her.

"Wow..." I exhaled. There was nothing else to say, and I'm not sure if I could find the words. She had shaken me deeply, and I felt suddenly as young and vibrant as she was.

We shared some nice "cool-down" kisses then, pecking each other's lips and nose, eyes, cheeks, and I finally patted her bottom.

"Let's cuddle some more," I suggested. I felt my stomach growl, but I didn't want to waste a second eating. Then, I thought, it would be nice to eat with her.

"Hungry at all?" I asked as we resumed our cuddling position under the blanket.

"Actually, yeah, but don't go to any trouble, I mean..."

I finished the sentence in my head, something like, "dinner doesn't have to be part of the deal..."

"Do you mind frozen pizza?" I asked her.

She giggled. "No, no problem at all. Can we add a little salad?"

I was so happy she wanted to suggest that. "Sure! Tell you what, I'm going to bathroom, and you can look in the fridge and throw together whatever salad you want. I'll put the pizza in the oven."

I went to my room and got us each a robe. It wasn't a modesty issue, but I think it gave us both a break from the total nakedness, so that when-not if--it happened again, it would be even more exciting.

I was on cloud nine at that point, and I had forgotten any of this to be a "process" of my end-of-life explorations. I was living a fantasy, and it was sweet beyond belief. What we had done already! And-- I stole a glance at the clock--it was only nine o'clock. We had the whole evening ahead of us.

When I got back from the bathroom, tying my robe, Raquel was crouched down, cleaning up a small mess with a paper towel. She looked up at me with a scrunched up face.

"I was trying to get the lettuce out, and I broke a jar of artichoke hearts. Sorry, Susan!" She put a paper towel full of the small broken jar fragments in the garbage bin, and swabbed the last oily remnants of her accident up with a sponge.

I put my hands on my hips, and feigned anger. "Why you baaad little girl! You're in trouble now!" Then I laughed, "Honey, don't worry about it."

She rose, and dropped the sponge in the sink, and I could see a blush in her face as she stood in front of me.

"Will I... get a spanking?" she asked in a little girl voice, her eyes looking up in mock fear.

I laughed, playing along with the joke. "Is that what you want?" I said back.

But then her voice got lower, and she swallowed as she stepped closer to me. She nodded and said, "Can I tell you something? A little secret?"

"Sure, tell me." I was pleasantly surprised that maybe Raquel was going to share one of her fantasies with me.

"I have always had this fantasy, "she started, smiling sheepishly, her lovely hair still a little tousled from our lovemaking on the sofa, "of being spanked, you know... uh... being a young girl and getting in trouble, having someone take me over their knee, pull my panties down and punishing me." She closed her eyes and shuddered. Then she opened them, and her pretty green eyes shone at me.

"And the person spanking me is always a woman," she said, "an older woman." Her eyes, fixed on mine, told the whole story.

Goosebumps raced over my skin. Was she asking me to play in her fantasy?? If she was, I was more than ready. Never even in my own staring-down-death-in-my-final-months fantasies could I have envisioned the call girl I was going to hire, asking me to fulfill her. My loins, still reeling from a roller coaster of sexual adventure today, stirred with an entirely new, fresh arousal.

"I just might have to set you straight, and see that you get what you've got coming to you," I said, peppering my voice with a stern, authoritative tone.

She closed her eyes again. "Ohyesss" she whispered.

"Let's do it right," I said, "how are you dressed when we start this?"

She beamed with delight, that I would want to add the detail she wanted. "Ok, well, it's like I'm in that schoolgirl mode, you know?" She giggled. "And the woman-you-are the strict headmistress of the school, something like that."

I nodded, brimming with desire to do this with her. "Well, I have no schoolgirl clothes..." This set us both laughing, then her eyes went wide.

"I do--In the car."

"You do??"

"Yes, I keep a bunch of different clothes in a gym bag, for customers who want to role play stuff. Men love the schoolgirl outfit. I've got the saddle shoes, knee socks, the whole works"

I thought for a moment about my wardrobe. Oh, I could ad lib a headmistress pretty good. "Go get your schoolgirl stuff on, I'm going to go change-" I pointed to the den, "and meet me in the headmistress' office."

Her mouth hung open in stunned delight. "You mean, you'll really do it?"

"I can't wait to," I said with a smile.

"Awesome," she grinned, and trotted out to her car with her keys.

The oven alarm buzzed, and I turned it off. Dinner would wait, and I was sure Raquel would agree.

I dressed in a long black skirt, with a pair of leather high heeled boots I might wear winter shopping twice a year, if that often. I found a long sleeve button down midriff blouse that looked old fashioned enough to be part of the headmistress' outfit. I checked myself in the mirror, swimming with excitement, like a girl in a high school play. I psyched myself into the dominant role, ready to be strict and unforgiving. I knew just what she wanted. I had played with a similar fantasy, being held down and spanked, and as much as I tried to get Phil to do it during our marriage, he just never really got it.

I closed the door to the den, and sat down on the loveseat, sparkling with anticipation.

A feeble knock came on the door, and I almost laughed with delight as I heard her say, "Ma'am, may I come in?"

"Identify yourself, girl!" I said loudly.

"Raquel, Ma'am."

"Ahh, Raquel, yes..." I said, as the scenario formed perfectly in my mind. Imagination was something I had never had to work at. "Come in."

How perfectly adorable she looked! She had on a white blouse, tucked into a short, red plaid pleated skirt. Her white knee socks descended from just below to her knees down into a pair of black buckled saddle shoes. I smiled, in spite of the fact I was supposed to be meting out the punishment here.

I pointed to the floor in front of me, as Raquel stood meekly, slightly knock-kneed, hands behind her back. Oh, I'll bet the men did go wild for this, I thought.

"Come stand here, Raquel."

"Yes, Ma'am."

She shuffled forward, head down.

I reached up and tipped her chin with my forefinger. "You know why you are here, don't you?"

She nodded, and mumbled, "Yes, Ma'am... and I'm very sorry."

"Sorry isn't enough, Raquel. All the girls here know that smoking is absolutely forbidden on school grounds."

A flicker of excitement went over her face, as she realized I had deepened her fantasy with a little dramatic detail.

"Yes, Ma'am."

I patted my lap. "Over my knee right now, young lady."

She made a reluctant face, and then climbed over my lap, settling down with her pelvis draped on my thigh.

"Wait a minute. Get back up," I told her.

She stood, looking at me. Her character and probably her real self were both wondering.

I stood as well. "I will not have my fine things crushed because of the misbehavior of one delinquent girl," I said matter-of-factly, and I reached back and unhooked my skirt, and peeled it away from my body. I laid the skirt on the back of the sofa, and stood before her in a pair of black lace panties. She looked from my boots up to the panties, then up to me, and swallowed.

"Now then," I said, sitting back down. "Now you can lay over my knee."

She again draped herself on me, sighing slightly as her thighs and pelvis touchd my now bare skin.

I took her short pleated skirt and pulled it up, laying it gently on her lower back. She had on a pair of little white cotton panties with pink bunny rabbits on them. Oh, this was a girl who went for the throat, I thought.

"Well, well, aren't these panties just adorable," I said, tugging at the waistband to bring them away from her beautiful round buttocks, then letting them snap back again.

I felt her shiver.

"There are not going to protect you one bit, I'm afraid, Raquel."

I slowly pulled the girlish panties down, exposing that lush ass of hers, and peeled them ceremoniously down below her upper thighs, not satisfied with her exposure until they were bunched up at her knees.

Raquel squirmed, her naked pussy bumping "accidentally" against my thigh.

"Are you going to be a good girl and obey the rules from now on?" I demanded.

"Yes, I will, I prom--"

I cut into her reply with a sudden slap to one buttock. "Ow," she complained.

"Silence, girl," I ordered, really pouring it on for her. I whacked her defenseless bottom several more times, enjoying the quivering of the supple flesh, and her muffled whimpers. The whole time, her squirming pressed and ground her pussy hotly against my leg. Her buns were turning a deep pink. I looked over by her head. Strands of her silky hair was being blown away from her face with her deep breaths. I looked between her legs and saw her pudenda peeking out from between the bottoms of her buttocks, and could swear that telltale glisten existed there. I delivered about eight more spanks, with a couple of dramatic pauses in between, and I could tell she was climbing the walls now.

"And for good measure..." I said, blasting her backside two more times with my open palm.

"Ohhggoddd..." I heard her moan. Her pelvis worked slowly, then suddenly she was humping my thigh, gripping the arm of the loveseat. "I'm... ss-sorry m-mMa'am," she grunted, and then she tossed her head, her body quaking, and squealed loudly.

I was rapt with her deep enjoyment, absolutely enthralled that she could reach a climax like this with me, lost in the fantasy I had helped her live out. She was cumming, on me. My own heart was racing.

She let out a long, ragged sigh, and collapsed slowly on me. "Oh yesss..." She whispered.

Then she climbed off me rapidly and threw her arms around me. "Oh Susan thank you... thank you..." she said, her body still trembling and her arms hugging me tightly. "That was so fucking good!"

I held her and just smiled with joy.

"The pleasure was mine, you naughty girl."

She giggled into my neck and our faces slid into a kiss.

"Now," I said, trying to keep a straight face. "You know what happens when a girl gets punished and atones for her wrong doings, don't you?"

"No, what?" she said, grinning.


We both were overcome with laughter, and, arm in arm, went back to the sofa, peeling off our clothes as we went.

Not ten minutes after we had snuggled back under the blanket, pizza slices in hand and delirious with the day of fantasy, lust, and exploration, the phone rang.

I was about to receive the third strangest phone call of my life.