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 Chapter 2

She slid into my embrace, warm, silky and fragrant. At first it had all the characteristics of hugging a close friend, or a sister-until the kiss came. It was delicious, sensual, and went almost instantly from a hesitant tasting to full, unabated deep kissing-we devoured each other's mouths, our tongues stabbing, probing, and her body pressed warmly to me. I felt a new host of sensations sparkle inside me.

We kissed there at the end of the stone footpath for at least a full two minutes, exchanging soft moans into each other's mouths. Was she acting, I wondered?

When we pulled apart I looked into her eyes, and if she was acting, she deserved an Oscar. Raquel truly seemed to be enjoying herself. I told myself to stop worrying about that. If she was acting a little, so what? Just enjoy it, experience it.

"Would you like to take a little swim?"

"Sure," she said, and I was so grateful she didn't say something like, "hey this is your show, whatever you want."

I really wanted her to undress me. So, Susan, tell her you want her to! You just handed her two thousand dollars. She's going to say "no"?

"I would love it if you took my clothes off."

She grinned. "So would I."

Raquel unbuttoned my tank, and slid it off my arms. As she did, she asked me, gently, "Susan, you've never been with another woman, ever?"

"Never," I said. I didn't count the slumber party with my best friend, when I was fifteen, and my lovely pal Teresa rubbed my pussy in the dark, whispering, "Doesn't that feel great?" Oh, yes, it had, and so I had done it to her, and we giggled, and nuzzled, and rubbed, and eventually went to sleep. Hardly a woman to woman, lesbian affair.

"You have, though... yes?"

She nodded. "Many times, but very rarely... this way."

"Work wise, you mean."

"Right. I've had two threesomes, you know, a guy wants to fulfill the fantasy and have his girlfriend be with another chick. Like that."

"And you've been the other chick."

She laughed a little. "Yeah. Only once have I had a job that was just girl on girl."

I was fascinated to know who the woman who called was.

"What kind of woman, was it... curious, like me?"

Raquel took a moment to softly caress my breasts, but she could tell I wanted to take this slowly, so she slid her hands down to the drawstring of my skirt, knelt, and untied it.

"It was a lesbian business woman. She was here on some kind of convention, and had just gotten a promotion. They wanted to surprise her with a girl in her hotel room." The story enthralled me. What a secret world there was out there.

Goosebumps erupted on my legs as she helped me step out of the skirt.

"Ta-da," Raquel sang. "I was the surprise girl."

"Did you find that exciting?"

"Actually, I did."

"And her?"

She peeled my panties down, and off, and felt a naughty thrill, being naked in my back yard, with a beautiful young woman, fully dressed-for now-disrobing me for all nature to see.

"Oh she was surprised all right. It was pretty hot."

"My turn," I said, eager to get her-my surprise girl--out of her clothes, and she smiled softly as I relieved her of her snug fitting dress, heels, and thong panties. I took a moment as I dropped her panties on top of the pile of our clothes, to look up the length of her body and admire it. What a body. I sighed deeply. Oh, to be twenty-four again! Stop it, Susan, I joked darkly with myself. How about making it to fifty-two instead!

"You are truly blessed, Raquel," I told her.

I took her hand again and we went down the steps into the irregular shaped pool. I had this built years ago, and it had a coral waterfall and grotto that was really lovely. All around were trees and shrubbery, and my neighbor could see nothing, unless they were at a particular spot of their fence, bending down and peering between the bougainvillas.

I haven't had that much fun in a pool since I was a teenager. We swam, chatted, and then splashed each other occasionally, her following my playful lead. Then, we would just spontaneously drift together, and hug each other, and kiss softly. I tickled her at one point and she shrieked, swimming away, then running at the shallow end while I chased her, and we wrestled playfully, trying to tickle each other, laughing like school kids. A couple of times, I would lay back into her, and she would hold me and we drifted. It felt so good, her breasts against my shoulder, and her kissing me teasingly behind my ear.

We went on and on like this, teasing, drifting, kissing, splashing, hugging, for nearly forty-five minutes, and the tide of my desire had risen so that I knew the teasing had to end. My womanhood was warm and tingly, even under the water. I swallowed my nervousness, and patted the edge of the pool, near the top step.

"Come sit up here for me," I said to her.

Raquel moved up the steps and sat on the edge, one leg dangling in the water, the other on the top step. She watched me silently, a smile that looked like curiosity on her face, as I moved between her legs.

What does she think of this crazy lady, I wondered, old her enough to be her mom, splurging like this on sixteen hours of total taboo?

I had my feet on the bottom of the three foot depth, and she leaned back, her hands at her sides. I looked up at her, and she knew what I wanted, so she pulled the foot that was on the step out of the water, and planted it, glistening with beads of water, on the pool's edge. Her closely trimmed, beautiful pussy, dripping gently from our swim, was open in front of me.

I leaned up, positioned close to her, and licked one breast, then took it hungrily in my mouth.

She hummed her approval, leaning her head back with her eyes closed.

I slid my arms around her waist, and sucked her breasts, tasting pool water along with her soft, sunny-smelling skin. It was wonderful. I could feel my own nipples gently pressing against her. Slowly, I moved my mouth down, sampling her taut, young tummy.

Soon, my lips were brushing the thin tan line that ran along her pelvis, dipping slightly above her mound, and then swooping back up to disappear in a tantalizing curve around to the back of her body.

I brought my head up, smiled up at her, and then kissed the inside of her knee, that was bent next to me. I could feel her squirm when I gently raked my nails along the outside of her thighs, and moved my mouth down, swabbing the inside of her leg with wet kisses.

"Yeahh..." I heard her whisper softly as my cheek brushed her vulva. My kisses were now anointing the groin cleft right by her pussy. Her whisper made me shiver with desire.

All I had to do was turn my head to the left, and her pussy was there, the tiny soft hairs brushing my lips and nose. I took both my thumbs, placed them on her labia, and pulled gently outward, spreading her. It was entrancing, being so close to her, seeing at tongue's length the womanly ornament that had been only a reflection in the mirror for the last fifty-one years.

In taking in the close-up sight of her pudenda, her inner folds, and her hooded love bud, her aroma was now was in my face, gentle, meaty, and compelling.

I looked up into that angelic face just before I licked. I was flush with excitement as the bare flesh of her sex met my tongue. Her taste was intoxicating! I had tasted my own juices before when I masturbated, sucking at my slickened fingers and wondered, would another woman taste like this? Her taste was similar, but all her own, and I wanted more.

I could see her tummy heaving out of the corner of my eye as I continued my licking, stopping every so often to suck the tender, slippery delicacies of her pussy in between my lips. I pressed my face in, feeling her juices anoint me, and licked her feverishly, concentrating on her clit as much as I could. God, how beautiful it felt, the sun on my back, my body half in the water, and this young goddess splayed before me, giving me her fruit so generously. Her hand was on my head, and she was moaning sweetly. Everything else, everything, including every last thought of my sickness, melted away.

I looked past her at one point to the soft grass under a low shade tree. I wanted her there. She looked at me, her breasts heaving, as I backed away and then climbed the steps, exited the pool and came up behind her.

"Come... here," I directed her breathlessly. It was only a few steps to the warm, soft grass, and I laid my young beauty out there and stretched myself out between her legs. I ate her for another fifteen minutes, at least, until she came. I didn't even stop to wonder what was theatrics and what was real. It was real to me. I made her cum.

My own womanhood was a sticky swamp of desire. For some reason though, I wanted her hand. I knew I had all night with her, and I would be able to have her mouth whenever I wanted. I wanted to feel her fingers inside me now, and I wanted to see her face at the same time.

I rested my head on her mound, and enjoyed the stroking of her fingers in my silver hair, which was spread around her thighs and tummy. What a sight, as I lay my head sideways on her warm mons: my silver hair, on the lower regions of a woman, with her slick essence on my lips.

"You sure you've never been with a woman before?" Raquel asked rom above.

I beamed at the compliment. "I fantasize well, I guess," I said happily, and turned my face so I could kiss the top, bony part of her mound.

"I'd love to taste you," she said. That thrilled me, but I was going to tease myself, make myself wait for that treat later.

"Please put your fingers in me... I want to feel you in me," I said, scrambling up and sitting on the grass next to her.

"Sure," she said, nodding, as she turned and propped herself up on one elbow. The other hand slid between my thighs, her two fingers nestling in an explorative, probing way before my very wet opening yielded to her gentle push, and let the two fingers slipped in.

"Unhhmm..." I moaned as I watched her. I let her finger me like that for a couple of minutes, then I spread my legs wider. "Put two more fingers in..." I urged her,

"C'mon, fuck me..."

"Yeah!" she smiled, delighted at my excited demand.

It was divine, this lady's four slender fingers forming a knobby, pliant cock in me, and I writhed as the sensations racing along my vaginal walls spread to the rest of my body.

She looked at me those pretty eyes, framed by the honey-tinged hair, and blurted out in a naughty voice, "Want the whole thing?"

"Wha... what? What do you mean?" I panted, unsure if I understood.

"My whole hand," she said, "let me give you my whole fist..."

The thought of it sent a bolt of delicious danger through me. "Yes," I said, "give it to me."

Raquel brought her fingers out to my gooey opening, then made a fist, and twisting gently, worked it inside me. I arched, the stretching of my sex at first painful and then overwhelmingly pleasurable. With a comforting hand on my tummy, she slowly burrowed the warhead she had made deeper, her wrist disappearing in my pussy as I looked down in wonder.

"Ohgodddd..." I gasped raggedly, as she worked the fist back a little then deeper, sinking it in to the middle of her forearm. I squealed loudly as she gripped my breast with one hand and drove her phallic arm deeper still, almost to her elbow. Her eyes were fixed on me, gleaming, her mouth open with concentration, as she pulled back, then drilled back in, plowing my depths like I've never experienced. I looked at her through lust glazed eyes and fantasized at that moment that she was some desperate, beautiful intruder in my home, and that I had been unable to stop her from raping me here in my back yard. That thought drove me over the top, as her pretty little arm speared me yet again, a soft squishy sound coming from my center as she took me. My climax rattled me to the core, and my entire body came alive with a long, ecstatic shock wave.

I shreiked, holding onto her shoulders as she fucked me so mercilessly with that fisted forearm, and I finally collapsed backward onto the grass, tugging at her arm for her to unplug her silky weapon from me.

Slowly, she withdrew, her arm coated with my nectar, and I watched in joy-shattered wonder.

I pulled her to me, and held her close; she rocked me, my face against her neck for the longest time, the incredible, seismic sensations of the fist-fucking slowly ebbing in her embrace.

"Goddam Raquel"... I whispered into her skin, "... unbelievable..."

"Mmmm... I loved it," she said soothingly, and I felt her kiss my head.

She released me, and stood up. "I'm sorry," she said, "could you real quick show me the bathroom? I have to pee."

"Oh sure," I said, looking up at her. Then, I was overcome with another desire, one that just boiled to the surface, from deep within my hidden closet of taboo fantasies. She had just shaken it all loose, and I didn't expect this, but I wanted it. I embraced her waist, on my knees, and pressed my body gently to her. My face was right by her belly button.

"Pee here," I said, my heart pounding. "Please, pee on me, just like this... can you?"

She looked down at me, seriously at first, then a small laugh punctuated her stare. She nodded, and then closed her eyes briefly. I felt her take a deep breath, and she looked out over the trees, and the pool. I felt and saw her bladder lurch once, twice, and I shivered with anticipation.

Then, it came. Her hot, pungent liquid gushed from her young body and immediately splashed steadily against my chest, over my breasts, burning them pleasantly. I went weak with excitement, smelling her urine as it coursed down my front, splashing, dripping and running in warm, acidic rivers between my legs, over my pussy, down my legs. I looked up at her, and she smiled down as the stream of her release slowed, then pulsed out again, dousing my body in another generous flow of warm, gently stinging liquid. I laid my face against her belly, feeling her pussy hairs on my throat as the pee gently trickled to a stop.

Then, I reached down between my legs, rubbed my clit, and came immediately, clutching her body and shuddering as a powerful climax seized me.

She just stroked my hair as I orgasmed shamelessly at her feet, my body freshly doused with her urine. I never knew I wanted it, until that moment. And having it, right when I wanted it, was something I never knew would be so powerful.

"Wow, you are something else, Susan..." she whispered down at me.

I could only loll my face against her belly and kiss there in response.

She stroked my head for a few moments, her pee drying on my naked body in the lingering afternoon sun, until I looked up and said, "Take a shower with me?"

"Sure," she said.

Again, we held hands, and walked slowly back to the house.

I tried not to count the hours we had left, but I felt a delighted thrill when I thought that I still had the entire night with my very own, sensual, willing, real life love doll.