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Chapter 9

David was already in bed, snoring. He didn't do that unless he had been drinking, so I was grateful that he would sleep, and not want to put "mister happy" through some kind of midnight, out-of-town decathalon. I was spent.

On wobby legs, I unzipped and took off everything. The hotel had put a nice

fluffy bathrobe in the closet, so I wrapped that around me and plopped onto the bed. I let the events of the night swirl slowly around the room, a cyclorama of fresh memories that were almost too out-of-bonds erotic to be believed.

I had asked Vicki earlier, over a dinner, how she had done that, the squirting. I couldn't get over how it had affected me, it was so sudden, unannounced, and somehow so beautiful, to see a woman's excitement surge to the point of gushing liquid, like a man.

And being the unexpecting recipient of her fountaining fluids turned me on wildly. She explained it, and I made mental notes to try it myself.

The cell phone rang.

"Nina... can you talk, please?"

I glanced at David, and headed for the bathroom. "Ok, yes, now I can."

"You said you would call me, and I got worried..." her voice wasn't possessive, but for the first time since I had known her, Danielle sounded scared. I felt a stab of guilt just then. I had hopped a plane, flown a thousand miles away, and had wild sex with a couple I barely knew in their sauna.

"I'm sorry, Danielle. I just needed time to think. I have to sort some things out in my life."

She was silent for a minute. "What does that mean?"

"I mean... I mean that I don't know whether I'm lesbian or bi or hetero or what the hell, and I care for you and I want to be with you, but there all these risks, and dangers that I never even thought about--"

"I told you Marisol is out of the picture, Nina, she and I--"

"It just has all gone so fast, Danielle. I fell into your world, you didn't fall into mine. I've got all this hiding I have to do... lying, sneaking around... it's... it's not... working."

"Do you want it to work?"

What a harsh question, I thought. "If you're asking me if I love you and want to be with you, of course I do. I'm just scared. I'm scared of losing David, even though he's just a dumbass some times, I... I'm scared of my own reflection in the mirror, I'm scared of Marisol, and I'm scared of losing... of losing..."

"Of losing beautiful Nina-land," she completed the sentence for me.

"I'm not that shallow," I shot back.

"I didn't call you shallow, I'm just saying you have a comfort zone, Nina. It would be hard for anyone to give that up. I'm saying I understand."

Tears had overtaken me by this point.

"Give me..." I hiccuped, "a little time, ok? I cannot see you right now. I can't."

"'Kay," she said quietly, and I could tell that her tears had claimed her as well. "If you need me, you know where I am... call, ok?"

"Yes," I said, sighing deeply into the phone.

Before I could hang up, a second call came in, flashing dutifully on the screen. "Gotta go," I whispered to Danielle.

"Bye, princess."

Don't call me that, damn you, I thought. God I loved it when she called me that.

"Bye." I punched the button to accept the second call, which said, "Jan"

"So, this is how you keep me posted daily?" She scolded. "I haven't heard from you since we talked two days ago."

"Ohhh, Jan, I'm sorry. David had to pick up and go to Minnesota last minute, and wanted me along as arm candy. You know."

"So you're in Minnesota?"

"Yeah. Fun, huh?"

"You've been crying."

Dammit, best friends could be a pain in the ass.

"Sniffly. It's cold up here at night."

"Liar," she muttered. "So have you talked to her at all?"

"I just got off the phone with her."

"It's cold up here at night," she mocked me, sniffling dramatically.

"Okay, okay."


"I pretty much told her I needed time to think and sort things out. I told her I couldn't see her right now, Jan."

"I know that was hard to do," she said, her voice full of praise and approval.

"Yes, it was." Of course, having a wild, squirting threesome in my husband's partner's sauna kind of takes the edge off, I was tempted to say. Oh, god, I could not tell her about that. She would disown me forever.

"You actually sound like you're doing ok, though. Like you're going to be able to get through it, Nina."

My thoughts drifted to Vicki's sauna. Brad cumming on my back, her cumming on my face, the steam swirling around us, their wild "slutty lez wife" fantasy...

"You with me?" Jan said, bringing me back.

"Sorry, just tired."

"Listen," Jan said, "you make love to David before you leave the hotel. Then make love to him when you come back. And I want to come over tomorrow and we are going to take out your wedding pictures and look at them."

"Whatever for?"

"Girl, you need to immerse yourself in heterosexual life."

I laughed. "Sounds like some kind of three-day workshop, Doctor Jan."

"Don't make fun. You know what I mean. You need reminders of who you are, and how you got be Nina Cutler."

I sighed. My butt was falling asleep sitting on this toilet so long. Why was I? They had a nice little vanity seat in here with a cushion I got up and sat on it. Oh shit, there was a mirror in front of me. Not now, I thought, turning around and facing the shower.

"I suppose you're right."

"I know I am. Call me when you get back. We're gonna get together."

"Ok," I said compliantly.

"Don't forget this time, or I'll knock you around worse than that dyke did."

"Gee, what a friend."

We shared a giggle, and it felt good to laugh. She was right, I had to put Danielle, even Vicki, in my rear view mirror. If I could.

The next afternoon, I spent a half day at the spa. I seemed like ages since I'd been. After a nice workout at the gym, I showered, and let the experts wrap, polish, and buff. Then I got my hair done. A different hairdo, I thought. Yeah, that will help. I saw a cute one in a magazine the moment I walked in the door.

"What do you think?" I asked Cheryl, my stylist.

"Oh that'll work on you, yes. It's called, 'Holly, girl next door.'"

"Let's do it, Cher. Make me, Nina the girl next door."

Make me beautiful, I thought. I don't want to do any of the work. I don't even want to think. Do your magic, then open the cocoon and let me fly away. I did everything in the half day treatment except for the steam room. Let's not "do some steam" this time, I thought.

I felt beautiful, and new when I came out. I am a woman. Women should look beautiful, so they attract men. That's nature, that's the world. I repeated the mantra all the way home.

David was cinching up a tie, and throwing a jacket over his shoulder when I came in. "Dinner with a couple of city commissioners," he said, heading for the door. He kissed my cheek so fast he almost missed.

I held out my arms and gave him my most coquettish smile. "What do you think?" C'mon big guy, I'm your girl next door. Have an affair with me.

He stopped and squinted. "Izzat a new dress or somethin'?"

"Strike one."

"I'll figure it out. I gotta go." He swept past me, climbed into his leased Porsche, the one the firm gave him, and was gone.

Well fuck him, I thought darkly. This butterfly was pissed off.

I made popcorn, found a romantic movie-the kind where the guy gets the girl--

and fixed myself a vodka and tonic.

The cell phone didn't ring once all night.

The next morning, the transformation I was hoping for felt like it could be seeping into my veins. I felt good, like I was returning to my old self. Every time a thought of Danielle tried to burrow it's way in, I shut it out.

At about eleven o'clock am, I found myself alone in the house, again. I sat in my kitchen, leafing through a magazine, and thinking about how I could do some decorating. Nesting? That's a heterosexual thing to do, right? Maybe suggesting that we redo David's office would make him slow down enough to notice that his wife was doing various different things. Nothing drastic mind you David, just oh, changing her hairstyle, trying to end a torrid lesbian affair, just stuff like that. I was sitting there, in a short silk bathrobe, feeling rather sexy actually, having just put some lotion on my legs, and enjoying my solitude.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the pool service guy, hooking up the hose to the vacuum. I had forgotten that they come on Thursdays. I went back to the magazine, and saw a cologne ad that said, "Go young" and it showed a woman about my age, hanging off the neck of a young hunk with long hair, shirtless and paddling a boat down some sexy European canal. Geez.

Just then I looked up again. The guy doing the pool was in his early twenties. He struck me as suddenly very sexy looking. There was something about the way he stood, and pushed that pole. That's good Nina, I praised myself, as if I were in some rehab program. I laughed at myself, let my eyes take one more look at his tanned frame, the tuft of hair sprouting from below his navel, his cutoff jean shorts, and sneakers. His blonde hair was in a ponytail. If he looked over here, I thought, I'll tease him by bending over to get something out of the lower tray in the fridge. He would be able to see through the French doors, no problem. My god, I was terrible! Is this how the girl next door is supposed to act?

I went back to the magazine when I heard a crack of thunder. I looked up, and the ponytailed pool guy took a long gander at the sky, then his watch. Craning my head further, I could see that a pretty harsh looking thunderstorm was quickly darkening the sky. I got up and went to the front window. A sheet of rain was working it's way towards the house, and lightning was starting to flash pretty close. Another crack of thunder rattled the house, and I went to the French door and opened it just as the pool guy was laying the pole down.

"Why don't you come in?" I said, waving him inside.

"Aww, that's ok Ma'am, thanks. I'll just run out and sit in the truck."

"Please, there's no need to do that. That's unnecessary. Sit in here, instead, I don't mind at all. Have a glass of iced tea or something, ok?"

"Well, thanks," he smiled. He had a cowboy kind of gait and a sheepish smile, and a gentle Georgia accent. His blue eyes bore into me when he smiled. Cute as hell, I thought.

Gimme an "H"! The Hetero cheerleaders chanted in the background of my brain. A wicked blast of lightning struck close somewhere in my backyard just as he came in the door, and the rain roared suddenly, turning everything outside gray.

"Ooowee!" he exclaimed looking outside while I poured him a glass from the pitcher.

"Here you go. Have a seat, relax." I gestured to my round kitchen table.

"Thanks, that's real kind of you, Ms. Cutler. I guess you must be Ms. Cutler."

I smiled. "Yes. But it's Nina." I stuck out my hand and he wiped his hand on his shorts first, then took mine. Such a gentleman, shirtless in cutoff shorts.


"Nice to meet you Jarrett. Don't worry about getting my pool done. No one has used it in days."

He chuckled, and I instinctively looked at his left hand. No ring.

Gimme an "E"!

"I don't worry so much about that, it's just that I've got four other pools to do.

Then I gotta check on my lawn guys. They've got five lawns today. This here, I've got a boss. The lawn thing is mine," he drawled softly, tapping his bare chest.

"Wow, you sure stay busy," I said.

"Yes, Ma'am. Work like that every day." He was getting better looking by the minute. I wanted so badly to know what he thought of Ms. Cutler, in her mini-robe. I got up to pour more iced tea, and caught him looking at my thighs. A shiver went through me. When did I become this horny housewife? Gimme... Aw to hell with the cheerleaders. I didn't need them now.

"Wow. Your girlfriend must miss you like crazy."

"No girlfriend," he said, leaning back in the chair. "No time." He laughed then, heartily, and I joined him. I liked his smile. Kind of a young Joe Montana with a ponytail.

I made sure he got the girl-next-door wiggle when I went to fetch the napkins. My god, I was loving this. I suddenly felt flush, knowing his eyes were on me.

I walked slowly to the table, and put the glass down in front of him. I bent my

knee slightly and it touched his. "Kind of hard to believe, a guy like you with no girlfriend." I looked out at the rain, played with my new hairdo, and looked back at him.

"Aww, who would want a raggedy guy like me?" he shrugged. Ok, Jarrett! Way to play along!

I smiled. "Who knows? Women get very lonely some times."

He put the glass down after a short sip, but never took his eyes from mine. Then he looked across the house, as if to check if anyone was home.

"Even in big beautiful houses?"

My heart galloped in my chest. I went to the vertical blinds by the french doors, drew them, and turned them shut. The rain and the patio disappeared.

"Especially in big beautiful houses." I said, my voice getting hoarse. "Well how 'bout that..." he said, swallowing, his eyes shining at me. All the pretending had gone out of our brief little courtship dance now.

I went to him. God almighty, I thought, I'm really going to do it. You'll figure it out, David? Fuck you, go figure it out, then. Make a fucking appointment with me when do, if you can fit me in...

I knelt in front of my ponytailed friend, and looked up at him. He swallowed again. "Nice chest," I said, tracing my finger between his nipples.

"Nice everything," he said back, nodding to me, and running his eyes from my legs up. I drank in the compliment.

"You work pretty hard, Jarrett. Relax now." I unbuttoned his cutoffs and I heard him whisper "gaat-damm!" as I pulled the zipper down.

I slid the cutoffs down and kissed his stomach. It convulsed, and I felt his hand on my head. I looked up and he was looking down at me incredulously. Yes, it was working! My heart shouted. Nina likes boys!

My libido went into high gear, and I could feel myself lubricating as I pulled his underwear down. His cock sprang to life and was raging hard and crimson in seconds. It was circumcised, smooth, and smelled faintly of whatever he used to shower with this morning. I was thankful he was clean.

I ran my hand along the shaft and cupped his balls with the other hand.

"Hate these summer rainstorms," he said with a little laugh.

"Oh, I know," I said, licking the underside of his shaft and moving my mouth like a wet swabbing tool, down to the base, to his balls. "Ain't they just terrible?" I licked and mouthed each testicle gently, and heard him moan.

I brought my mouth back up slowly and wrapped my mouth around the head of his shaft, settling in with a hand on each of his soft-haired thighs. In it went, sliding into my throat, and I felt Jarrett's body quiver. I did the same, the excitement in me building. I had forgotten how much enjoyed being submissive to a man this way, pleasing him. I looked up into his eyes, and he smiled, then tilted his head up to the ceiling, hissing, "Oh yeahh."

I lost myself then, and sucked him like my life depended on it. Yes, maybe it did... yes, I fantasized, as his hands held my head like a basketball, my life depended on it... the rugged invader had made his way in and was going to rip me off, all my precious jewelry, our safe, all of it, if I didn't suck him... who knew what he would do to me if I didn't suck his cock...

He swelled suddenly, and tensed up, and I felt his member lurch in my throat. I backed suddenly, so I wouldn't gag, and sucked on the head. He lifted his hips and then and grunted loudly, spewing his cum into me. I sucked and swallowed for all I was worth. I gulped him down, feeling him subside, and gently released his cock, letting it loll to semi-hardness in front of me. The nutty, protein rich taste of his ejaculate lingered on my tongue.

He smiled, and exhaled deeply. "Wow," he said, giving his head a little shake.

"Stay put, let me clean you up."

I was still wildly aroused, now the dutiful geisha girl than the robbery-rape victim. I got a wash cloth, knelt again, and carefully cleaned him. He looked on in grateful wonder.

"That was pretty, umm... one-sided," he said awkwardly, "I mean, I'd like to, uhh."

"Shh... no... no need. I'm fine." And I was. I would take care of myself when he was gone.

I stood. "You should get back to work," I said, "My husband will be back soon," I lied.

He nodded vigorously. "Yeah, umm. Yeah..." I stood on my tiptoes and kissed his cheek.

"Glad you enjoyed."

He was too flabberghasted to think of a response.

"Thanks, that was... real, real nice..."

I led him out of the French doors. The rain had stopped a while ago.

"I'll finish here," he said, smiling. "And then I gotta go."

"I know. Bye Jarrett."

I closed the door, drew the blinds and closed them again.

Then I went to my bed, laid on my back, and lifted my robe above my waist.

Five minutes into a two-fingered stir fest, in which I whipped my sopping pussy into a string of shuddering orgasms, the cell phone rang. It was Jan. She was on her way over.

"You sound good," she said.

"I am good."

Damn, am I good, I thought.