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Chapter 8

Within minutes of checking into the hotel and unpacking, the phone rang. David answered it.

"Hi, how's it going? Nina? Yeah, she's here, hold on." He handed me the phone. I took it, frowning at him in feigned confusion, but I knew it could be no one else but Vicki.


"Hi, welcome to town." Her voice sent a thrill through me, and my skin tingled like the night I had read her note in the skybox bathroom.

"Just wondering if you'd like to get together, maybe do a little shopping, have a drink while the guys do their thing."

"Umm... that would be great, sure." What was I to say, "no"? Like I had other plans in this city, where I knew no one? The wolf was staring from the foot of a nearby hill.

"I'll pick you up. What time do you want to get together?"

When, in my boring, Atlanta suburb life had it become so commonplace for bi and lesbian women to call and pick me up for dates? I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost six. I covered the mouthpiece and looked at David.

"Honey, what are our dinner plans? Vicki wants to know if-"

He waved me off. "Go... don't worry, Brad and I will probably catch some dinner with his boss. Have a good time."

I returned to the slightly sandpapery voice of Vicki. "Vicki, I can be ready at seven. How should I dress? I mean, what type of place are we-"

"Whatever you like. We're starting off at my house."

I got another pang just then, with that confident way she had decided where we were going to be. And the thought of being alone with her was at once frightening and enticing. I finished the conversation and retreated to the bathroom. I splashed my face and then looked at it in the mirror.

Is this what you want, Nina Cutler? Is this how you are supposed to push Danielle out of your thoughts? Shouldn't you just be having an innocent dinner, intead of furthering this bisexual craziness? What would Jan say if she knew you were doing this? I almost laughed at myself then. Maybe all it will be is an innocent dinner. Maybe no sparks will fly, and we'll just talk. Maybe that's all I need.

And Jan, I reminded myself, told me to look for signs, from other people, for guidance. Maybe Vicki was that sign.

I started touching up my face, and went to pick out my clothes.


Vicki drove a white Jaguar, and she looked pretty impressive sitting there behind the wheel, in a red dress that went down to her calves, with a long slit up one leg almost to her hip. Her wavy auburn hair gracefully adorned her face, and her thick lips were modestly painted with a light coat of clear gloss.

We chatted pretty casually about very non-threatening subjects on the ride to her house, a two-story place on a hill just outside Saint Paul, Minneapolis' twin city.

In her living room, my heels clacked gently on the wood floor. I had picked out a simple light blue slip dress with a fringed hem. I liked the way that felt on my thighs.

She took my coat. "How about a glass of wine?"

"Sounds nice, sure."

She returned with two glasses of chilled Chardonnay, and to my surprise, took my hand. "C'mon, let me show you the house."

I let her lead me through the place, upstairs, downstairs, back deck, and a woodsy back yard. "We have deer come up right up by the deck here all the time," she said. "They almost become a pest some times."

I sipped, and walked with her, oohed, ahhed, and complimented. It was a lovely place.

When we sat, she shook her hair from her face and put the wine glass down.

"I'm really glad you came up. You've had a long trip, so I say we relax a little. Want to do some steam?"

I wasn't sure what "do some steam" really meant. Was she into some nouveaux drug? "Steam?"

She laughed. "Yeah. Brad and I had our own sauna built here. It's great. Especially in winter. We've got a jacuzzi that's surrounded by glass, too. I absolutely love soaking in that and looking out at all the ice and snow. There's nothing like it."

That did sound kind of luxurious. "Wow."

"Yeah," she smiled, "but we can start in the steam room if you like. We can finish our wine in there."

Clearly, Vicki was into experiencing this hot-cold contrast, and I found it kind of intriguing myself. She also had this way of smiling when she said, "Yeah" with her head tilted a little, that was kind of endearing. It made her seem younger than her mid-thirty or so years. Her husband, Brad, looked to be about forty, and I was only guessing at Vicki's age. Before I could even decide if I wanted to "do some steam," she was up, taking my hand again. Like the times I was with Danielle, I felt almost as if everything happening was a foregone conclusion. It was going to happen, like I was just an actress, living a script that destiny had long since approved.

We walked past her kitchen, through a hallway that led to a laundry room and then through a door that brought us into a big, white, tiled closet. Towels hung neatly on two racks, and there were several hangers and a couple of bathrobes.

"Go ahead and get undressed," she said, her hand brushing my back. "And meet me in there." She pointed to a wooden door with a small window, on the other side of the closet. She walked off with her wine, presumably to her own changing area.

I got out of my dress, bra, and panties, and hung them on a hanger and then wrapped myself in a towel. I opened the door to the small but very professional looking steam room. The moist, warm air enveloped me immediately. Clouds of steam swirled gently in from the vents, and I noticed Vicki lounging, completely naked, on the second of three tiers of benches. I sat next to her feet, and took another sip of my wine. I heard a metallic clink, and saw that it was her fingernail, tapping a small metal bucket with a bottle sticking out of it.

"I brought the Chardonnay," she announced, smiling. She had quite a body, much more voluptous than mine, or Danielle's, which was taller and leaner. Her feet were crossed. "Like it?"

"This is very nice," I said, leaning my head back and closing my eyes. "What a great addition to your house."

"We enjoy it at least three times a week."

She leaned forward, and without asking, untucked the front of the towel, peeling it off me. "You don't need that in here."

"Ok," I said, and instantly felt the heat rise in my loins when she uncovered me.

The steam was getting a little thicker, and so was my voice. There was no doubt where this was going, and I had blissfully convinced myself I was powerless to stop it. My nipples, despite the heat and humidity in the close confines, were getting thick and stiff.

Vicki had slid toward me a little bit and was tickling my side with her toes.

"Hey," I said playfully, and I gave her foot a smack with my hand. She gave me a dramatic pout.

"Aww, you meanie," she said, a wicked look in her eyes. "Now my poor little footsie is all hurt and depressed."

I laughed. The silly, girlish game and the flirting were exciting me tremendously.

"Ok, I'll make them all better," I said. I began to massage her feet. She stopped the theatrical pout and took a sip of her wine. I looked into her eyes. They gleamed at me with almost a deep and irresistable naughtiness.

"You have pretty feet," I said, looking down at them, thinking it might be safer to look there. Safer? I thought just then. I was anything but safe now. The wolf hadn't just pointed me to the ravine--I was galloping after him by this point.

"Thank you."

She did have pretty feet, I decided. I did something then I had never dreamed about. Suddenly, I wanted to kiss her feet, so I leaned down, and tenderly kissed the tops of her toes. I heard her "mmm" in approval, so I moved my kisses to the top of her foot. How beautiful it felt, to kiss them! I never had thought of that, with Danielle. Then again, I scarcely had the chance.

I took her big toe into my mouth and began to suck it like a penis.

"Ohh honey!" she whispered, obviously enjoying it immensely. I moved myself so I could get comfortable and spend some time on each toe, and by now she had uncrossed her feet and was laying back, rubbing her breasts. I glanced up at her several times and found myself absolutely spellbound with the feeling of her toes in my mouth while she played with her own breasts.

The steam was like the setting for a dream-state of hidden passion, like we were in our own cloud. I was slippery and moist between my legs, and now I wanted her so badly I was burning inside. I moved my mouth up, along her calf, kissing, licking and nibbling as I got to her thighs. Vicki squirmed, moaning sweetly as both of her hands squeezed and caressed her nipples.

Then, she raised one knee, just as I got near her pussy, and did something so wild and kinky I thought I would faint. She took her wine glass and poured a healthy dollop of the Chardonnay right onto her pussy.

"Drink your wine," she purred at me, her voice like melted butter.

I could only nod at her as I looked up into her eyes, my voice strangled with lust. I gazed into her core, and moved up. Her already dark pussy hairs, darkened further with wine, brushed my eyebrows as my open mouth pressed against her. I felt my chest thunder with arousal as the tangy wine mixed with her steamy, musky scent in my nostrils.

With a whimper, I licked deeply, and felt her arch slightly. "Lemme move a minute," she whispered, and I raised up. She swung her legs around so that she was leaning against the backrest, sitting more now. That beckoned me to my knees on the lower tier front of her. She braced her feet against the bench I was kneeling on, and I slid my hands around her waist, hungry to feed on her. I buried my face in her and ravished her pussy with abandon. Vicki's temple was now my balm, my cure, my punishment, the elixir for my dilemma. I lolled her pudenda in my mouth, licked, sucked, and tickled it with my tongue.

She gave out a throaty moan and slid her hand into my hair as I feasted on her pussy. I had never experienced such unabated lust. I didn't need or want tenderness just then, I just wanted to slurp at her fount forever, and bathe my face in her emanations.

"Nina... Nina..." she said, tugging on one of my shoulders. I looked up, her fluids bridging from my nose and upper lip in syrupy strands. I panted, wondering what she wanted to tell me.

"Brad's home. But stay here, and play this game with me please. It's a special fantasy we have."

I almost screamed. What? Fantasy? We? Brad is here??

She nodded excitedly, her face smiling confidently. "Please... please do it. He comes in and we pretend that he's found me with another woman."

"He knows... ?" I asked breathlessly. "He knows?"

She nodded, and pleaded with me again. "It's all an act. You don't have to, but it's so wild... really. Will you? It's so hot... I swear, you'll love it!"

How did she know I would love it? And then, the thought of her husband knowing I was here, being intimate with her, took my fevered arousal even higher, like a second dose of an already powerful drug. The thought of him walking in, seeing me here, pleasuring her... oh god, I was almost melting thinking about. I didn't have time to decipher why, or whether I should. I was literally in a cloud of sexual frenzy at that point, and anything she wanted would only turning me on more.

I just nodded, and dove back in between her thighs, using her sweet tasting pussy to smother any inkling I had about making decisions. Their fantasy was in full swing, and again, I was part of a script that had been written and approved by the gods who were pulling my life through this amazing, roller coaster of a journey.

She squealed loudly, "Oh yes Nina, eat me baby... eat me!"

Her words sent me reeling into a state of sexual energy that I never knew possible. Whatever happened to me at this point, I did not care. Just don't take away this delicious pussy, or I will die on the vine.

In between our heavy breathing and the gentle hiss of the steam, I heard the door swing open.

"What the fuck?!" Brad's voice sliced through the humid air.

I didn't have to act startled. Even though I knew he was arriving, I was startled at the reality of it all. I lifted my head and turned in his direction, a gasp escaping from my nectar-slickened mouth.

"Brad! Omigod!" Vicki cried out.

He stood behind me, a towel around his waist. "Look... at... you..." he said menacingly, looking at her, then me. I looked up at Vicki. Her eyes were wide with well-acted fear.

"Brad, please, don't be mad..."

"I can't believe this..." he said, "This is just incredible." There was a sizeable bulge in the towel, and the scenario had me transfixed, mostly because I was in the middle of it. "You are a tramp, a lezzie fuckin' tramp, just like I suspected!"

"Brad, we we got drunk, we were just playing... I'll get her home..."

"No. Both of you stay right there." He whipped off his towel, and his cock wavered, dangerously close to my upraised ass. He was a fairly good looking man, and in decent shape, but in my fog not much of that mattered, except to make my acquiescence easier.

"Nobody's going anywhere, Vicki, my little bi-girl tramp wife. Because I'm going to fuck your little girlfriend lover while she eats you!"

I looked up at Vicki, and she gave me a silent look, asking for my permission. My mind was in no condition to think. My soaring sexual nervous system was doing all the decision making, and whatever would keep me between her legs was akin to my survival. I nodded almost imperceptibly, and she looked at Brad and did the same. The offstage signals had been communicated, and my deprivation at the hands of this kinky couple was rolling. I had been turned into molten lava, and I didn't even care at this point, when Brad held my hips and pushed his cock into me.

I turned and looked at him. "Don't cum in me," I whispered. He just nodded, and smiled.

My climax was close as Brad slid his hard cock into me, filling me. It had been almost eleven years since a man other than David had put his cock into me, and looking back at Brad made me lubricate even more, if that was possible. He gritted his teeth, and pushed my head back towards Vicki's sopping pussy. I needed no encouragement for that, and I went back to lapping her rapaciously while Brad started rocking me with his powerful thrusts.

I moaned into her pussy, totally overwhelmed by how they now had enslaved me. Brad was plugged deeply into me, fucking me in this incredible, impossible steam world, while Vicki enjoyed my hungry mouth. I was locked between them as they used my body, and the depravity of it only shook me with more primal desire than I knew existed in me.

I came twice in a chain of seismic jolts, my body writhing and shuddering in between theirs.

I vaguely heard Brad say, "Give it to her, Vicki... give it to her!" I did not know or care what he was speaking about, but Vicki pushed my head away gently. "Suck on my clit..." she panted..."do my clit..."

I obeyed, Brad's rocket stroking my tunnel hotly as Vicki stuck two fingers in herself. I lashed her clitors while I felt her fingers working just under my mouth, her knuckles brushing and bumping my chin. Her heat seemed greater than the steam room itself.

"Oh yeah it's cumming... it's cumming," I heard her cry.

"Give it to her!" Brad barked again, and just as my lust-fogged mind realized what was about to happen, Vicki ejaculated.

Brad grabbed a handful of my hair, and pulled my head back down near her opening just as a thick, watery stream of her fluids came fountaining out of her body and splashed against my face and neck.

Vicki's body was undulating, and I could not believe what she was doing. I had heard of this before, and knew a woman who said she had ejaculated, but now I was the target of her sweet salty geyser. Another stream came pulsing out of her, dousing my face, which was now dripping with her cum, my sweat, the steam, and a small trace of Chardonnay still clinging to the mix.

I could only open my mouth to breathe, and stammer out, "ommiiggodd..." as the third and final spurt coursed out her beautiful hole and drenched my face and hair.

"Yeahhgodammmmmmm," Brad groaned, his grip on my hair loosening. He pulled out of me suddenly and then jettisoned a hot stream of his essence onto my ass and lower back, just as Vicki's washdown of my face had slowed to a trickle. I was kneeling between them, trembling, drenched in their emanations. I shamelessly reached down between my legs, stroked my clit, and climaxed again, my face falling against Vicki's thigh as I moaned against her skin, collapsing in ecstasy.

We all three were wordless for a long time. The only sounds were our ragged breathing, slowing in the hiss of the steam. Vicki stroked my hair as I hung onto her hips and rested against her inner thigh.

The scenario wasn't entirely over.

Brad moved his cock from it's slimy resting place on my ass, and stood up, wiping himself down with the towel.

"Now, get this girl out of here and we'll talk later," he told Vicki sternly.

He left.

I looked up at Vicki, who was beaming down at me. "Go take a shower," she said, stroking my face. "I'll meet you in the living room. Brad will be gone. We'll go get dinner."

They had done this before.

I got up, and watched her calmly take the wine bucket and glasses and push the door open.

On shaky legs, I followed her out, and stepped into the shower. With hands that scarcely felt like my own, I soaped up my body and caressed away the remnants of the incredible experience I had just had.

Dreamily, I toweled off and found my way to the closet.

It took me a long time to dress.