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Chapter 6

Though I couldn't get the note-or Vicki-out of my mind, the rest of the evening went pretty smoothly. Vicki gave me one last look when I came back from the bathroom, and I just gave her a nod and a little smile, which she returned. My new arcane, splendorous world of unspoken sapphic radar.

Vicki and her husband left early, and after that one silent exchange, she was the picture of social correctness around me, as if nothing had ever transpired between us.

The game went down to the wire, with the Falcons winning dramatically at the end.

"Well, what could be better?" said Bill Isaacson, one of the men from Minnesota as he stood before me, swirling a drink. "We are making great business friends and your Falcons beat the mighty Forty-Niners!"

I smiled. "Yes, isn't it great? But you know, San Francisco just isn't the same team since ol' Montana left."

His eyebrows arched up, and he stuck one finger out from the hand that was wrapped around the drink. "You are so right!"

I gloated quietly as everyone prepared to go. Nina Cutler had done a good job on the football front.

Everyone said their goodbyes, and Bill Isaacson, in his booming voice, raised his drink before he drained it. "Goodnight, Nancy!" I didn't want to correct him.

"'Nite! Go Vikings!" I called out.

The finger popped out again. "Right! Thank you!"

"Way to go," David whispered in my ear as he patted my ass.

Yesss. A vote of confidence from the coach.

"I didn't know you knew who Minnesota's team was," David said as he drove us home.

"There's a lot of things you don't know about me," I said, looking out the window. I cringed immediately when the words left my lips. Nina, shutup already.

"Oh yeah?" He said, grinning that let's-get-naked-and-find-out grin.


The unexpected episode with Vicki just made me want Danielle more.

"Daisy Chain, this is Danny."

I said nothing for a moment, letting her voice ring in my ears, tinny through the cell phone receiver but still wonderful to hear.

"Hello? Danny here."

"I just wanted to hear you say things," I said, a woman hopelessly in love now.

"Heyyyy... well what kind of things?" She asked slyly.

"Ummm..." I looked out the window of the Mercedes as it sat purring at idle outside the gourmet food store. People were coming and going, women fussing with their purses, coming out with bags of expensive stuff to fill their pantries with. People from Nina-land. The Daisy Chain's jukebox thumped faintly in the background through the cell phone, and I could smell cigarette smoke and see the worn linoleum floor in my mind. "Things... that you want to do to me, maybe?" I teased.

"Mmmm... well, that list could take quite a while. Where are you?"

"Outside a gourmet food store in Nina-land."

She laughed at me adopting the phrase she had invented. "Oh, well, that's perfect. I would start with the gourmet hors d'ouvre I love, and that would be your mouth. I would just savor it... kiss you like crazy, suck that sweet tongue of yours into my mouth and make love to it until my jaws ache."

My mouth was going dry, and I felt my sex begin to dampen just listening to her. I closed my eyes, invisible behind my sunglasses, and leaned my head back on the headrest.

"And of course, I would ever so slowly move down, suck on that delectable neck of yours, nibble on your ear a bit..."

She was killing me. But it was my fault. I started the flirting, and she was just taking it to the next level. I could have so easily slipped my hand under the terrycloth shorts I had on and start playing with myself right there, I was getting so hot. Not a good idea, here in the parking lot of the upscale food store where all my neighbors shopped.

I had better slow this down.

"Stop there. Or I'll have to explain the wet spot on the car seat to David."

She laughed loudly.

"If you're going to be around the club... can I come see you, just for a minute?" All the background noise of my psyche told me that continuing this was, in the long run, unhealthy. But that was just it-it had all become background noise, and I had become adept at blocking it out with my desire for her. It was like a group of protestors, huddled together on a street corner, chanting and pumping their signs up and down. When I was in Danielle's arms, a symphony exploded with triumphant sound, and the protestors were drowned out.

"You never have to ask that," she said. See? The horn section of the symphony was warming up already.

By the time I pulled up into the parking lot of the Daisy Chain, the sun was starting to set.

"Hiya Nina," Joan sang as she wiped down the bar.

I smiled at her easily. I felt comfortable here now. Not comfortable to the point that I would start hanging out here, not comfortable enough to be a member of the "lesbian nation," but I was accepted, and liked. Being "Danielle's girl" didn't hurt either.

"Heyyyy," she grinned, getting up from her desk. God she looked so wonderful, I almost went weak when I saw that smile. She had on a pair of big khaki shorts, outdoorsy type with big pockets everywhere, and a sleeveless black tank. Her 5'10" frame ended in a pair of tan hiking boots.

"Crocodile Danielle," I joked. "All you need is the Australian bush hat."

She giggled. "No worries mate," she said in a pretty good Aussie accent.

I beamed at her, and she held out her arms. I happily melted into them, pressing the side of my face to her breasts and sinking into my secret, wondrous world of her warmth. The symphony was roaring.

At the same time, our faces turned to each other and she set me roasting with a deep, luscious kiss, her mouth tasting faintly of beer, and her tongue a welcome invader in mine. The syrupy warmth in my sex that had started outside the store was back, starting to bubble now.

I would have been happy just talking, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with Danielle's hand on my breast, in my hair, over my ass. I didn't protest when she slipped it under the waistband of my terrycloth shorts and found my warm mound, either.

I was panting, my mouth locked with hers, my nostrils puffing out my excitement onto her face as she rubbed me slowly.

Danielle deftly pushed my shorts and panties down together, rendering me suddenly exposed, then she hoisted me up in her strong arms, and sat me on her desk. I felt as light and helpless a child (a happy one!)

My naked bottom was seated on the edge of her wooden desk and she quickly went to her office door and locked it.

"Danielle..." I started to protest, but she hushed me with a finger to her lips. I didn't want her to stop anyway. She returned to me as I sat half naked and mesmerized by her, and she lowered her mouth to mine again. Lost in her kiss, I obediently parted my thighs when she put her hand against my slit, and she found there nothing but slippery acceptance for the two fingers she worked into my body.

My entire body hummed with erotic energy as she fucked me so sweetly with those fingers, and claimed my mouth with hers. Moist sounds from my pussy, and the gentle hum-rattle of her wall air conditioner, and the faint rumble of the jukebox outside was all that could be heard in her office, until my arousal reached its peak, and my orgasm tore a deep moan from my throat.

With my arms wrapped around my lover's neck, I shuddered against her and stayed there, rocked gently in her embrace, until I almost fell asleep.

"God almighty why did you do that to me?" I whispered into her neck.

"Cause I love to do that to you. I want to do that to you all the time."

She licked her fingers, all the while smiling mischeivously into my eyes, and I slid off the desk and pulled my shorts and panties back on.

We sat and talked for a couple of minutes, and then it was time to go.

"See you soon, princess," she said as I left her office. "I'd walk out with you, but I've got someone applying for a job."

"And you're going to interview her?"

She nodded. "Yup."

"Hmph. Forgive her if she can't put a sentence together. She'll be so flustered sitting there in front of you."

"Wait 'til she sees my 'hot topic'!"

I groaned. "Bye," I said, taking a last look at her.

The parking lot was full, but it was also quiet. Everyone was inside, plus some of the cars were from the restaurant next door, a Mexican place that was apparently pretty popular.

As I got to the Mercedes, a tall-almost as tall as Danielle-Hispanic looking girl got out of her car and stopped when she saw me.

"Hi," she smiled. Though she might have been Mexican, I pegged her for Daisy Chain material. Ohh, that radar! I thought.

"Hi," I smiled back.

"You're uhh... Nina, aren't you?" she said, smiling as she walked nearer.

I almost laughed, like I was some sort of celebrity around here. I guess, with Danielle's status-and good looks-anything she did and anyone she was with was news.

"Yes, I'm Nina."

"Hey, I'm Marisol," she said, holding her hand out. She had big, pretty eyes, and her dark hair was cut short, in kind of a boy's haircut, parted on the side. She had kind of a wide butt, filling a pair of blue jeans, and her breasts jiggled gently under an orange Melissa Etheridge t-shirt.

"Nice to meet you."

She was still smiling, and nodding just a little, when she said, "Wish I could say the same."

I never saw the backhand coming. All I know is that my head exploded in pain, and I was stunned, so badly that I was unaware that I was stumbling backward. I saw her in front of me, and for that frozen moment, it never even registered that it was her that hit me. Maybe she will help me, a random thought blazed through my confused brain. It came so fast and hard that it could have been, and in a sense was, one of the protestors, clobbering me with his sign.

As realization struck, so did the second slap, coming from the other side, a blindingly fast pendulum recovering from its initial swing. The other side of my face now stung with pain, and my head snapped sideways with the blow.

"No!" my voice said, but that was cut short when Marisol, whom I had known for about five seconds, clamped her hand around my throat and shoved me hard against the wall between our cars. My hands went to her wrist, and I tried to focus on her through tear-blurred eyes.

"Stop..." I said.

"You..." she hissed, her face close to mine..."stay... the fuck... away... from... Danny. Hear me?"

I peered into her eyes, pain, fear, and understanding all coming together like three frantic people trying to shove their way through a small door.

Her grip tightened on my throat, and for my hesitation, I got another slap.

"Did you fuckin' hear me??" she said through gritted teeth.

I hiccuped my answer back to her, my words punctuated with a rising sob. "Y-yess... please... don't hurt me..." I begged, I was sliding down the wall, and almost sitting on the ground now, looking up at her. Her hand had slipped off my throat now, and found a new anchor in my hair, which she grabbed a fistful of.

"Danny is mine, girlfriend," she spat down at me. "Don't let me catch you near her again."

"Ok... ok..." I said, frightened beyond belief. Never in my wildest dreams did I think, when my Mercedes broke down, that I, Nina Cutler, could be here, where I was.

Marisol looked at my hand, then picked my hand up, and held it between both of us, so that my wedding ring was displayed.

"What the fuck, huh?" She said, frowning, looking at my ring, then the Mercedes, then back at me. "What the fuck are you doing, girlfriend?"

"Go back where you belong," She said, releasing my hair, stepping back, and pointing a warning finger at me as I cowered near the bumper of the Mercedes.

"And stay there," she added. "Leave this place alone. Especially Danny. Stay the fuck away."

Then, my newest acquaintance from the lesbian nation turned and walked away. I didn't stick around to see where she was going. I got up, wiped the tears away, and hurried to the car, my trembling hands fumbling with the remote, and I don't even remember driving out of the lot.

Once I was on the highway, I ran a red light, and pulled over to collect myself. I cried and cried, sitting there like some punished child, for almost two full minutes, before I again wiped my face and got back on the road. I had to collect myself before I got home.

I looked at the cell phone sticking out of my purse, but I couldn't call Danielle, not now.

David was at a dinner with some lawyer.

I sat there at my vanity in my bathrobe, and dabbed my cheek with a washcloth that had a couple of ice cubes wrapped in it. With one hand I dialed Jan's number with one hand as I held the cold, wet cloth against my sore cheekbone.

"Jan..." I almost couldn't finish, a sob welling up in my throat when I heard her cheery voice.

"Nina? You ok honey?"

"No," I said, letting the tears come. "I need to talk to you."

"I'll be right over," she said.

Maybe it was time to tell her.