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Chapter 4

I didn't have time to go home and change, so I picked up David in the same dress I had worn to dinner last night.

You would think he would have at least been curious, like, "Got a party you're going to?" or "What's the occasion?"

No, not David. So absorbed in himself he didn't say a thing about me wearing a body-hugging mesh sundress at ten in the morning.

"This contract is going to bring our company more business than we can imagine. I think we might even be buying the electrical contractor that's doing the job. They're for sale. I can see us actually hiring more people, maybe even putting an office in Minneapolis, after this."

He glanced over at me, and I knew this was my queue to be impressed.

"Wow, honey that's great."

"Wanna move to Minnesota?" He said with a chuckle.

"Not especially, David. I'm a Florida girl, remember? Atlanta gets cold enough for me in the winter. I'd never survive up there."

Then, the threat of moving away from Danielle became real. I never had to think about leaving anything precious before, the few times he had mentioned the possibility of relocating.

"Why... is that a possibility?" I asked, trying to sound unconcerned.

"Ahh, it's a very outside one. I don't think that would happen, really."

When we got home, David unpacked and took a shower. I felt this urge to pick up the phone and talk to Danielle, just hear her voice while he was showering. Jesus, Nina, you've only been away from her for two and a half hours. Think you can find something to keep you busy? I shook my head to clear the image of me bundled up like an eskimo, walking to a snow-covered Mercedes, my tears freezing on my face as I hoped to reach Danielle on my cell phone...

When David came out of the shower I was busying myself with a talk with Jan, who had called to see why I had been so quiet. I wouldn't say Jan and I were best friends, but we were pretty close. I apologized to her, told her I hadn't been feeling well all week, and we chatted about our normal circle of stuff.

David came out of the bathroom, warm and wrapped in a towel, and kissed my neck. I waved him away, but he kept it up, and finally dropped the towel and knelt behind me on the bed, pressing himself, naked, against my back.

"Jan, I gotta go... can we talk some more later?"

I hung up and turned to him. By now, his cock had thickened to about three-quarter full size, and he was grinning stupidly.

"Hey I haven't seen you in a few days. Didn't you miss me?"

Oh, gosh, how did I survive without you, my big hunk of a knight in shining armor?

"Oh of course I did honey," I said, forcing a smile. C'mon Nina, he's not so terrible, even if he didn't bother to say in the last four days that he had missed you. And besides, you had better not show that anything is different.

David's hand went for my breast, which now only had a t-shirt over it. As he caressed and squeezed there he pushed me down gently with his other hand, which then slid down to the V of my little terrycloth shorts.

I just wasn't in the mood, as much as I tried. Oh, Mrs. Cutler you had better try harder, I told myself.

Goodness, my pussy was actually sore from being fucked by Danielle's strap-on, and then licked and penetrated by her fingers... my body was tired from two straight nights of breathless, passionate lovemaking with a five foot ten inch goddess who could bench press probably as much as David... she could pick me up and carry me, after all!

"Oooh, look at you..." I said to my husband, trying to sound genuine. His radar was long since broken, I think--if he ever had it--and he was loving it. I reached for his cock and stroked it a couple of times, and it was now leaning stiffly away from his body like a high diver, ready to take the plunge.

I looked up at him, with my very best bedroom eyes, and he smiled. I raised up a little and licked just under the tip of his circumcised cock and he made a deep sighing sound. Then I slowly engulfed the ever-reddening helmet with my mouth, and slid him into my throat. His hand was in my hair, and I tried not to imagine Danielle's fingers, the way they slid into my scalp as I adored her pussy with my mouth just hours before this.

"Mmyeah..." he groaned as I sucked him. I thought it might be better if I made him cum this way, as my pussy needed some rest. No chance of that. Within a couple of minutes, he was tugging on my shoulders, urging me away.

"C'mon," he said, "let me give him to you."

Do I get a lick or two? I wondered. Probably not. He'll just jam this thing in me, the soldier triumphantly returned from the money war, claiming his spoils. But to my surprise, David went down on me, and did his best to stimulate me. It felt good, but I had been spoiled. He simply could not do what Danielle did to my body, and I felt guilty for having compared them. It wasn't fair to David.

He moved up, searching my face for a moment.

"God," he said, "you're hot... something about you seems different... I mean you were sexy before but... I don't know..."

Maybe his radar wasn't broken after all. Or maybe I was exuding something I couldn't help, something that even the most primitive of detections systems couldn't miss.

"Shh" I silenced him, "same ol' me. You just haven't been around much."

He smiled and pushed my thighs apart, and entered me. David usually likes to take me from behind; that's his favorite position. But today he wanted me from the front. I kind of liked that, but when he filled me with his cock I realized how swollen I actually was.

I moaned, mostly out of pain, and he took that as a go-ahead to grip my thighs and push my legs up. I grabbed onto his forearms and he started driving into me. I arched, and twisted, pain weaving with pleasure as his pelvis rocked.

Once, he lowered his face and kissed me. Again, I fought Danielle's image, trying to make it disappear, but I couldn't help but remember her kisses, so much softer and longer, and the memory showed up almost rhythmically, as if it were taking laps in my head, waving each time it passed the reviewing stand.

David's kisses were staccato and grabbed my mouth like a snapping turtle. Nina, he's trying, the poor dolt. I ran my hands over his back and ass, and tried to concentrate on the erotic feeling of his butt clenching and un-clenching as he pumped his cock into my sore pussy. I was stimulated but not anywhere close to an orgasm. He would have his soon, I knew.

I felt his grip tighten and suddenly he got very hot. Then he buried his cock deep and I gasped as I felt his essence jettison deep in my body. The heated spurts subsided and he let out a deep "ohhhhhgoddammmmmmm" as he lowered himself on me, sliding his arms under my back and gathering me to him.

It did feel good to have his big, warm body pinning me, and I just stroked his back gently, trying to convince myself that this would all feel better and better the longer he was home.

The nagging truth was that I wanted Danielle's butterscotch hair falling around me, and her breasts pressed against me, and her lips against my face. I longed for her fragrance. David stirred, and his whiskers brushed my nose.

When he whispered, "Honey... you feel so damned good!" I mentally trampled the urge to cry.

"I hope you got off... you did, right?" It's so much easier when I tell him I came, so I lied.

"Yeah, honey... you didn't feel me? It was right after you entered me actually."

After he got up and put on a pair of shorts, I pulled the covers over my lower body, and he looked at me as he pulled on a t-shirt.

"Sure you didn't change your hair, or do your eyes different, or something?"

This was not David. If I did change something, he would notice, and make a minor comment, but for him to wonder like this was definitely out of character. Was my desire for Danielle painted on my forehead? I wondered.

Maybe it was just showing clearly in my eyes, that I had been loved, lusted, and ravished in a most spectacular way, by an extraordinary person, and I was somehow changed.

It scared me.

After he headed to the kitchen for his usual post-orgasm snack, I went to the bathroom to freshen up.

There was another damned mirror. I looked into my own eyes, looking for whatever David saw.

I saw nothing, so I leaned forward, closer. I studied the tiny Picasso-like forms reflecting in my brown irises.

Nothing. Nothing that I could identify.

Then, I leaned back, and closed my eyes. That's when I "saw" it.

Danielle, behind me, sliding her long arms around me, pressing her luscious lips to my ear and saying, "how's everything in beautiful Nina-land?" "I'm not sure yet," I whispered to no one at all.

It seemed like as soon as David came home, everything became busier almost immediately. I had almost forgotten a meeting of our homeowner's association, of which I was assistant chairperson. There are eighty-five homes in "Nina-land." We each pay $200 a year to maintain the outside entrance landscaping, the wall, fund other unexpected expenses, and have a little party twice a year. It's nice. Everything here is "nice." Well, except for the burglaries that started happening last summer. So, we took money out of our fund and hired an off-duty police officer that drives around six hours a day, in our neighborhood only. The burglaries all but disappeared.

We have it set up so that one person per week is the "committee" house, where the resident is home during the patrol shift, and the officer can stop in and use the rest room, make a phone call, fill out a report. No one has complained about being the committee house, it's nice to know a cop will stop by your house a couple of times a shift and that there will be a marked police car highly visible in the neighborhood. Elaine Pachmeyer wanted to be the permanent committee house, but we felt that subjecting the officer to her that continuously would be cruel and unusual punishment.

This week was my turn, and that was the first order of the day. I felt out of sorts at the meeting, and I struggled to keep my mind on the agenda. Something in me was slipping, losing its adherence. My beautiful home, shiny Mercedes, my high-brow country club friends and expensive dinner outings just didn't seem as important, or valuable as they used to. I've always loved being able to shop pretty much where I want, vacation where I want, and enjoy the finer things in life. David makes grand money, and is a great provider. He falls miserably short of the mark as a spiritual companion, but I've always felt there was a trade-off. Now, the things I had traded my heart for weren't adding up.

I made it through the forty-five minute meeting half-heartedly, at best.

Jan stared at me several times as she sat next to me during the meeting, and when we broke, she sat there, arms folded.

"So, what on earth has gotten under your skin, girl?"

I did my best to look unruffled. "Whatcha talkin about, Jan?" I said as I calmly gathered my things.

She laughed. "Oh, please. I know you so much better than that. Ok, what's it gonna take--a cup of coffee? C'mon, it's on me. Let's go to Starbucks."

"Sure, let's go, but nothing's wrong, really."

Jan smirked. "I never said anything was 'wrong', but something sure looks different."

Dammit. Jan's radar, I couldn't escape.

Five minutes later, we were at Starbucks, sipping a latte.

"Nothing, Jan."

My friend was insistent, and she leaned back and shook her head. "Bullshit."

I sighed.

"Well, when you want to talk about it, just let me know. You know I just care about you, that's all. I just want to make sure you're ok. Ok?"

"Ok." I smiled at my friend. What she said was true. We were close and always looked out for each other. We had shared a lot, about each other's husbands, Jan's kids, and other things. I felt this delicious thrill just then, like I wanted to tell her everything about Danielle, but... it was just too forbidden, just too taboo. If it had been an affair with a man, I probably would have told the entire story before half my cup was gone.

She looked at me as I busied myself with fishing my ringing cell phone out of my purse. It was like she knew I was contemplating telling her.

"Hello," I said, thankful for the call to get me away from Jan's prying.

"May I speak to the Princess of Buckhead, please?" Danielle's voice said innocently.

I suppressed the urge to laugh out loud, and at the same time, felt myself blush deeply. Where did she come up with these things?

"Uh, sure, just tell him I'll give him a call back later, ok?" I said, hoping she would pick up on my situation.

"Of course, I'll tell him that you're daisy chain is scheduled for six this afternoon. Thank you, Princess Nina."

This time, the laugh popped out of me and I shook my head as I hung up.

Jan was trying to act like she wasn't paying attention, leafing through a section of the paper as I hung up.

We chatted about a few other things, mundane stuff, before we left. As I watched her walk to her car, I wondered about her. Has she ever fantasized about being with a woman? Hell, has she ever been with a woman, for that matter? I quickly dismissed any thoughts that had started to formulate about what it would be like to kiss Jan.

"Sorry I called when you were busy," Danielle said, much more serious this time.

"Oh, it's ok, Danielle, really."

"You never call me 'Danny, '" she said with a small giggle.

"I just can't. You're a Danielle to me."

"That's fine. I like that anyway. I guess you can't get away today, hm?"

I shivered. She wanted me to "get away" so we could be together.

"Only for a few minutes. We've got dinner with some people tonight, and-" "Cool. Can you come by the club?"

I pulled up to the Daisy Chain and got a couple of smiles along with the long stares this time. I was a little shocked, but somehow comforted, when the barmaid knew my name.

"Hiya Nina," she said. "Danny's in the office."

"Thanks... I'm sorry... I forgot--"

"Joan," she said, sticking out a tattooed arm.

"Thanks Joan."

When I opened the door, Danielle got up and immediately slid her arms around me.

"Hi princess," she said softly. I melted.

"Hi boss lady," I said back, resting my head on her chest, my chin on the tops of her breasts. She stroked my hair as we held each other, and I floated again to my new, arcane world, where money and stature didn't matter, only tenderness, softness, acceptance, and caring.

"Thanks for coming by," she said.

I smiled, and kissed her neck. "I just want to see you whenever I can. It's going to be a busy week."

"I know, me too. But my special lady is in my heart every step of the way."

"Would that be me?" I said, pulling back slightly and looking up into her eyes.

She just nodded, her face blossoming into that wondrous, gleaming smile.

And then, it just bubbled out of me, without warning, and without any planning whatsoever.

"I love you, Danielle."

A burst of air came from her lungs, like a short, staccato laugh of surprise. "Oh my Nina, I love you too!"

Our mouths locked softly, and the excruciatingly sweet dance of our tongues began, swirling and sliding sensually like naked lovers.

"How's David."

"Wrong subject," I said, smiling. "But he's fine."

"Ok, sorry."

"No, it's ok. Hey, how did Joan get to know my name? I'll talk to you tomorrow morning."

Danielle shrugged innocently, and then grinned. "You're hard not to talk about."

I blushed deeply at the idea of Danielle telling these lesbians about her new, rich lover from the other side of the tracks.

"Besides," she went on. "Everyone wanted to know about you. Women like you don't walk in here everyday, you know."

"In a good way?" I asked.

"In a very good way. You were quite the hot topic."

"Oh god..." I groaned, looking away.

"But you're my hot topic."

I giggled at that, enthralled at the idea. I was 36 years old and living the life of a high-society woman. Yet, right there, in the arms of my young, tomboyishly pretty lover, I felt like a sixteen year old schoolgirl.

"I'll talk to you tomorrow," I said before I left.

When I walked out of the Daisy Chain, I said goodbye to Joan, and at least three voices called out, "Bye Nina!"

A wild, erotic, mysterious thrill snaked through my body as I climbed back into the Mercedes and pulled away. Her hot topic, I heard the words echo in my heart.

I was hers.