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Chapter 3

I grabbed the phone, eager to discover what was behind the newest door of this journey, if a journey was what it would be.

And as I said hello into the phone, knowing it would be her, I couldn't help but think, with a slight and unexpected pang of fear, that she was calling to say, "hey, that was hot last night, but, umm... have a nice life!"

No, I thought, hopefully. How could a woman be so intimate with someone, make love to them all night, sleep in their bed, and then drop them? Men did that, not women. But Danielle, did she have male attributes? Was a lesbian like her apt to do things in a "male" way? She certainly didn't make love like a man... oh god I was so ignorant of all this!

"Nina! Hey it's me, Danny."

"Hi... I..." --what the hell to ask her? Where did you go? Why did you go? It was really none of my business, but... and then she set it all straight.

"I'm sooo sorry! I totally forgot that I had a meeting at the club this morning with the owner. Me, the barmaid, the night manager, we all had to be there. I didn't want to wake you, you were sleeping so peacefully. So I just snuck out."

"It's ok," I said. My heart was calm suddenly. Her words seem to have such a deep effect on me. Why? I had only known this young woman for less than eighteen hours. But, oh, what an eighteen hours it had been!

"I was gonna make us some breakfast," I said unsteadily..."if you wanted to stick around."

"Aww that would have been great. And yes," she said, her voice softening, "I definitely would have wanted to stick around. Last night was beautiful, Nina."

I thought my heart would leap out of my throat and fly around the room.

"Yes, it was," I said, trying to sound calm.

There was a brief silence on the phone just then, and I suddenly felt so awkward, so unpracticed. I felt silly, like a high school girl with the biggest crush of her life, and I wanted desperately to find out what the immediate future held. What did this make me? Bi? Lesbian? What did it make us? Lovers? Were we going to see each other again? I myself didn't know if we could, or should, and I wanted to leave it all in her hands, good or bad.

"Danielle--" I started, wanting to ask the corny Hollywood phrase, "Will I see you again?" but for some reason I couldn't speak.

"Hey," she broke in, "Want to get some dinner tonight after we get your car? I know a great place nearby where your car is, if you like Indian food."

She asked it as if it were a certainty that we were going to be together, that there was no question getting the car was something she was going to do with me. Her voice seemed to throw a lassoo around me and pull me to her. There wasn't much room for me to say no. And dammit, how did she know I absolutely loved Indian food?

I hesitated. Maybe it was my Catholic upbringing, an invisible nun with a very long ruler, reaching out of the shadows of my subconcious and whacking my knuckles, her voice echoing, "Having sex with a woman?... Cheating on your husband?? Awful, nasty, sinning girl!!"

I winced. I wanted to run away and hide somewhere, collect my thoughts, sort out what was happening, and figure out a way to calmly tell Danielle: No, thanks so much. Look you were wonderful yesterday, in all ways, and I loved our time together, but my husband will be back tomorrow and things are simply going to have to return to normal, and we really shouldn't be together any more... my friend Jan will help me...

"Sure," I said, swallowing hard. "I love Indian food." I braced for the invisible nun to strike again.

"You do? That's cool." She hadn't yet acknowledged David, and what lay ahead. Maybe over dinner. Good god, we're having dinner together. What seemed so uncertain and confusing five minutes ago now seemed pre-destined. I was losing control.

"Can I come get you at five? Freddy said the car should be ready then. It was your fuel injection or something. He'll tell you all about it."

Come get me at five, I thought. Again, my mind went on fast rewind back to high school. A date, coming to pick me up.

"Five will be ok," I said calmly.

Hell, come get me now. Put me in the Jeep, ride me to wherever it is you want to go, as long as I get YOU.

I glanced in the mirror and found that I was smiling from ear to ear. I had too many mirrors in this house.

I sat at the kitchen table after I hung up, and sipped my coffee. When I did, the steam from the drink wafted over my lips and into my nostrils, carrying with it the faint, dried remnants of last night's passion. I could smell her on me. Her fluids, her kisses, her skin, swirled gently up into my nose, and I began to tremble... I closed my eyes briefly, imagining the touch of her, and what it was like to, for the first time, put my mouth to a woman's sex and taste her.

"Danielle..." I whispered, my eyes closed, wanting to hear her name as her scent meandered around me... I licked my upper lip slowly, hoping to reconstitute some of the gift her body had left me, and I felt a warm creaminess accumulating in between my legs.

I nearly jumped out of my chair when there was a loud knock at the door. I took a sip of the coffee, smoothed my tousled hair, and walked to the door. Even though I knew it was Elaine, my next door neighbor, I checked the peephole. Yup, it was Elaine Pachmeyer, all right. No one else knocked like that. In fact, no one else knocked. They used the doorbell and intercom. Not Elaine.

"Hi Elaine."

Every neighborhood has a busybody, and ours lives next door to me. Elaine just turned sixty. Her husband died two years ago, and now she gardens more often, as a catharsis, I suppose. I think it just gets her in better position to check out the neighborhood. There she was, her sharp, light blue eyes peering keenly out of the shadow of her big floppy hat. She was taking off her gardening gloves, and looking down the street, as she always did, then back to me.

"How are you Nina?... hope I didn't wake you."

"No, no... just got up a few minutes ago. Everything ok?" I felt transparent just then, wondering if Elaine's special nosiness powers gave her an instant readout: AHA! Nina Cutler had a lesbian affair last night!

"Well," she said, acting casual, "I was going to ask you that. Saw a car in your driveway I'd never seen last night, and just wanted to make sure you were all ok. Dark brown Jeep of some kind..."

A stab of panic went through me. I hadn't thought of the eventuality that Elaine would see Danielle's Jeep overnight, but of course... she missed very little. Without a doubt, she saw that it was there very late. Maybe... oh Lord... maybe she even saw Danielle leaving.

"Oh," I said, nodding and scrambling to quickly think of a harmless explanation. I landed on an emergency strategy. Make it gossipy. I leaned forward, whispering, "friend of mine from my old neighborhood. Man problems. He got drunk and violent and she was afraid she was going to get beaten up. Oh Elaine, the poor thing... no place to stay so she called me."

My neighbor acted nonchalant, but I know she was absorbing it all intently. "Ahhh... poor dear..." she clucked.

I was pretty confident my story worked. After all, Elaine Pachmeyer had no reason to think I would have a lesbian tryst, particularly in my own home.

"Yeah. Hopefully they're gonna work it out," I assured her. "She was on the phone late with him last night, for a long time."

"Mmmm. Well, I miss my Frank, God rest his soul, but there is a lot to be said for being alone, sometimes, Nina," she said with a little laugh. I smiled. "Yes, I'm sure." Very sure. I was alone a lot these days. Last night excluded, of course.

"Well, then," in her I'm-out-of-your-hair-at-least-for-now voice, "Your David comes back tonight, doesn't he?"

I shook my head. "Unfortunately, he has to stay another day. Contract problems. Probably be back tomorrow." I sighed, the devoted wife, pining for her dear hubby. She looked at me hard. That one may not have worked as well as the Danielle story.

"Yes, well you poor thing, if you need anything let me know."

"Of course, Elaine, thanks so much for being concerned."

She was walking away, looking down both lengths of our block. "Oh sure, no problem..."

And, as she traversed the hilly grass that separated our yards, she said absently, barely loud enough for me to hear, "tall, pretty thing, that friend of yours..."

Elaine just has to let you know what she saw, and that she doesn't forget it. I made a note to be extremely careful about Danielle being here.


David called and gave me his new flight information. Ten o'clock tomorrow morning. For the fourth straight day, I noted, he didn't ask how I was, or what was happening. For the fourth straight day, he failed to tell me he loved me, or even missed me. I was about to tell him about the Mercedes, and then decided not to. As five o'clock approached, I got ready. I fussed in the closet over what to wear, and realized that last night was making me feel especially young and sexy. I chose a soft nylon floral mesh sundress, sexy and form-fitted that followed the contours of my petite body nicely. It was casual enough but perfect for dinner, I thought. As I touched up my makeup, I became overwhelmed with the fact that I was trying to look pretty and sexy not for the people who passed me on the street, but for a woman, one young, exciting, alluring lesbian woman who now seemed to shadow my every thought.

"My god, Nina Cutler, what are you doing?" I said to the good-looking 36-year old brunette in the mirror. And then I instantly tugged on one corner of the hem of my dress, thinking, "will she like this?"

When I opened the door, I got my answer.

"Wow," she said, her voice a throaty purr. I stood there, innocently.

"Hi," I said with a soft smile, my body starting to tingle as I looked at her. She herself looked radiant. Her black slacks and long-sleeved, tight fitting V-neck top with flared sleeves looked elegant and a little funky, almost 60-ish on her. I loved it.

"Hey," she said, stepping in. She stood in the foyer, looking around, then down at me.

What was I supposed to do here, I thought, almost forlorn at my ineptness in this new situation. Then, Danielle stepped closer, and slid her hands along my forearms, and I involuntarily brought my arms around her.

Without speaking, she looked into my eyes, as if to guage if there was any change, any second thoughts. She must have sensed that there was nothing but admiration and yes, desire in my gaze, because she tilted her head down toward my mouth. My heart was thumping wildly again, and my mouth melted into hers. The kiss was short but ohhh, so sweet.

She kept ahold of my arms. "Everything... ok?"

I nodded, not taking my eyes from hers.

"Hubby back yet?" she said, peeking beyond me and then up the stairs.

I told her then about David's phone call, and that he wouldn't be back until tomorrow.

"Shall we go?" she asked.

A minute later, me and my sexy companion were zooming to the other side of town in her Jeep. The car was ready, and didn't cost too much, and soon, I was following her to an Indian restaurant about a mile from the Daisy Chain.

"By the way," I asked her as the turbaned waiter brought our white wine, "why the name Daisy Chain, for the bar?"

She looked at me over the top of her glass. "You know what a Daisy Chain is?"

I shrugged. "When I was a little girl, my grandmother showed me one, you know, you thread daisies together..." I stopped, seeing her smirk.

"It has an entirely different meaning in the lesbian world."

The lesbian world. That idea still seemed like something very foreign, even though I had been in between this goddess' naked thighs just the previous night. I leaned forward. "What is it?"

She leaned forward too, her voice lowered so the guests at the other table didn't hear. "It's when three women are together, and they are all eating each other's pussies at the same time."

I looked up, to try and picture how this happens, and then looked back hat her. Did she do this kind of thing, I wonder?

"Wow. Wild. You've umm... done this?"

She giggled softly. "Well, not really. I mean, I was in bed with two other girls once, but not exactly a daisy chain. It was this drunken slumber party in college, and well... forget it. Girls having threesomes just isn't very common, you know? I think it's one of those myths, more than anything."

I was relieved. I couldn't imagine, as exciting as it was to be with another woman the previous night, being with a woman other than Danielle. And sharing her with anyone, man or woman, didn't excite me either. Men always seem to be suggesting the idea of being with two other women, but in reality, women want to be with one person at a time. A daisy chain sounded bizarre--kinky beyond kinky--to me.

And then, a deep warmth spread through me, and it wasn't the curry we were eating-the one person I wanted to be with at that time was this mischievously pretty, strong young woman across the table from me.

Forty-five minutes later, we were finished with dinner, and draining our second glass of wine.

Again, that dysfunctional feeling of inadequacy gripped me. Dinner is over. What does she want to do? What do I say?

And again, as if on queue, Danielle delivered.

"Wanna go to my apartment, have a nightcap over there?" Her smile was so captivating, her tone of voice so confident, I don't know how any man, woman, or any other warm-blooded creature could have resisted.

"Ok," I said, by now resigned to the fact that if the nun with the ten mile-long ruler could hit me and not change my mind, no other agonizing would.


Her apartment was a blend of earthiness and modern casual comfort. I felt instantly relaxed there. The furniture was simple, the walls painted a pale orange. She had a colorful woven Afghan on one wall, and Puerto Rican molas on the other, and a poster of K.D. Lang, framed near the entrance to the hallway. She walked by a black leather sofa and patted it.

"Vodka? Or do you want to stick to the wine?"

"I'll stick with wine, Danielle."

"Ok. It's in the fridge, and the glasses are in the cupboard to the right. Would you mind pouring them for us? I'm gonna quick go change."

When I walked out of the kitchen with a full glass of white wine in each hand, Danielle was coming out of her hallway, wearing a green tank top and a pair of white panties.

"Ooh, thanks," she said, taking the glass from my hand. She kept walking, to the stereo, and turned on some music. It was kind of a very Spanish, jazzy-like salsa, full of ornate guitar work and romantic rhythyms.

I followed her, standing behind her toned, lofty body as she adjusted the tuner and the volume.

I looked down at her long legs, up to the contours of her shapley ass, and then to the hair that was just in front of my face now. I could not resist but to brush the back of her neck with my lips as she danced gently, her body moving in delicious, serpentine curves to the sexy music.

"That's not fair," I said, putting the glass down and closing my eyes, my face nuzzling her neck now. I sighed deeply, hoping what I was doing was ok. I had never been so sexually aggressive, but I had never felt such a hunger either. I was gone, no longer caring if what I was doing with her was appropriate. I trusted I would find out, from her, soon enough.

She kept up her seductive dance moves, as I moved gently with her, my eyes rolling up into my head as she murmured, "Mmmmm... that feels nice..."

I moved her hair aside, and planted soft, warm kisses along her neck and shoulder. She tilted her head, to give me access, and, much to my delight, put her wine glass down too. Shivers of excitement raced through me. An army of invisible nuns with cattle prods couldn't have gotten me away from Danielle at that moment, so wildly I wanted her. It was as if my mansion in Buckhead, my opulent lifestyle, and my traveling, money-making husband were on another planet somewhere, and I found a new place to escape to... the world of Danielle.

I slid my hands around her waist and under the tank top, going up and finding her breasts. Her nipples were erect too, and I massaged them gently as I gnawed gently at her neck. My tall, muscular, lesbian girlfriend danced gently in my arms, her breasts cradled in my hands and she finally raised her arms, signalling me to take the top off.

Before I knew it, my mouth was moving down her back. I wanted to kiss and lick every inch of her. On my knees now, I hugged her waist and kissed the small of her back, licked the crater there lightly, and felt her soft panties against my neck as I did. I pulled down on the sides of the tiny garment, and watched in awe and wonder as the crevice of her lovely ass came into view. My kisses continued down the sides, along her buttocks, every so often daring into the edge of the dark fissure as I eased the panties down her gently undulating backside.

The sweet, mysterious sounding Spanish jazz swirled in my ears, and I looked up from her ankles, her nakedness an absolutely angelic sight as my hands let go of her bunched up panties, and moved up to slowly pry the globes of her ass apart.

I wanted her, and I didn't care what part of her I had. Her pleasure was the only thing that mattered, the taste of her flesh my only life sustaining requirement at that moment. With my breathing almost at a ragged pant, I looked up at her with glazed eyes and she looked back and down, her smile saying, "yes, go ahead." With a whimper of surrender I nestled my face into the sweet smelling crevice of her ass and licked deeply.

"Ohhhhyeahhhhh..." she moaned as my tongue lapped from the edge of her vagina up into her ass, bathing her anus. I kept it there, swirling it along the tiny ridges of pinched flesh, enthralled at the muskiness, the way it contracted shyly at my kiss, and at the way she let me have her.

"Don't stop doing that..." she urged me breathlessly, as she moved forward, to plant herself on the sofa. With one knee on the sofa and other other foot planted firmly on the floor, she put her hands against the backrest and armrest and opened herself for me. I licked, poked, and mouthed the puckered jewel with carnivorous fervor, gnawing every so often at the inside walls of her ass, wanting to taste as much of her as I could. She tasted and felt exquisite, and I reveled in the privilege of dining on her deepest secrets. My grunts were muffled inside her crack as I lathered her, and then I reached up with one hand and began stroking and playing with her pussy lips.

"Go inside... go inside..." I heard her moan, and I didn't know which inside she meant but I plunged a finger into her pussy, then two, as she had done to me the previous night, and worked her slippery fruit that way as I feasted on her ass.

I was in heaven.

She came, her formidable body arching and rocking, and I made sure her clit got plenty of attention as I felt her orgasm approaching.

She turned around and kissed me deeply after she recovered from the after-tremors of her climaxes, and I could only hope to die a sweet death there in her naked embrace, barely able to get oxygen but without a care in the world.

She helped me out of my dress and panties, and then whispered, "Be right back..." before trotting to the bedroom. I wanted to follow her, but she was back in a heartbeat, holding a strap-on dildo in her hands.

She took my face in her hand, and said softly, "Bend over the sofa for me."

I was stunned, almost aghast at the sight of the dildo, but the operative phrase, I thought to myself, is "for me," because I would have done just about anything for her in the state she had put me in.

Danielle stepped into the contraption, and tightened the straps, then rubbed a bit of vaseline onto the tip. Then, she stepped behind me, and held my hips.

With a slow push, she worked the dildo into me, and I let out a long, soft moan. It filled me, not feeling like a real penis at all, but, as I looked back at my tall, blonde lover, definitely feeling like an extension of Danielle. It was strong, muscular, and it made me feel like I was all hers and no one else's.

She picked up the pace, and truly was fucking me within a few seconds. I squealed as she drilled me, mostly overcome with the idea that she was taking me so dominantly, than by the actual stimulation the strap-on was causing. I looked back at her. Her mouth was open, looking down and into my open center that she now plowed with the dildo. She was breathless with enjoyment, and that made me ecstatic. Her hands gripped my buttocks, and the sounds of my moist pussy squishing as she pumped the cock deep into me, along with the look of exhilaration on her face, sent me sprawling into an orgasmic black hole.

I thrashed on her, a speared fish at the whim and will of the beautiful, savage angler who caught her... and then I collapsed forward onto the sofa, her body kneeling behind me in triumph and conquest.

She withdrew from me, and then the most amazing thing occurred. She pulled me gently from my semi-fetal position, smiled, and picked me up in her smooth, strong arms. Then, she carried me like a baby to her room. I could only look up into her face and giggle, my arms wrapped around her neck. My beautiful Danielle, her butterscotch bangs framing that lovely face, was strong enough to pick me up and carry me!

She placed me on the bed gently, then lowered herself on top of me, and our lovemaking continued for another two hours. We did everything to each other until both of us, glistening with each other's dampness, tangled in each other and in her sheets, fell asleep.


I again awoke to an empty bed, but it wasn't mine. My god, where was I?

The surroundings of Danielle's bedroom came into focus in the soft morning light. I rubbed my head, and then smelled something cooking. I wrapped myself in one of her bedsheets and shuffled sleepily to the kitchen.

There she was, tall and impossibly handsome, in a terrycloth robe, her hair up in a bun, cooking eggs.

"Hi, gorgeous," she said, her eyes glancing sideways at me slyly.

I let out a little laugh. No, did she really think that? I purred inside at the thought.

"Hi," I said, gazing at her. It was the first time I began to feel like I could be falling in love with this young woman.

"You do have time for breakfast, I hope?"

I looked at her clock. "Yes, but oh, damn, after that I have to run and pick up David at the airport."

"Okay, well eat up, and then go. I've got a bunch of stuff to do today too. If you wanna take a quick shower, breakfast will be ready when you come out."

I looked at her. To her, a "bunch of stuff" was a bunch of errands, probably things that weren't going to change a whole lot. Me picking up David was more than an errand. He wasn't here when I met Danielle. It changed the backdrop of everything, of daily life.

I almost dreaded David's return. I didn't know what it would bring. I didn't know anything. All I knew is that a younger woman standing five feet from me, cooking eggs in her bare feet, was all I wanted. I wanted to be with Danielle.

I went around the counter, leaned up on my tiptoes, and to my absolute joy, she turned her face my way and kissed me.

"I'll take a shower", I said, feeling every bit like her lover now. It was at once frightening and wildly exciting.

"Better hurry, or I'll eat all this food, and then I'll get in that shower and eat you."

"Oooh," I half-joked back, "In that case, I'll take all morning!"

I closed the door to the bathroom as I heard her laugh.


An hour and half later, I kissed Danielle's mouth once more.

"See you," she said.

"Will you?" I said, regretting the moment I said it. You sound like a lost little girl, Nina.

She cupped my face in her hand reassuringly. "Look, I know it's scary with David coming back and everything, but Nina-"

"Danielle, please tell me, I just want to know. Do you want to see me again--really?"

Her answer filled my ears and flowed like honey down my throat. "And again, and again," she said, nodding. "I'm crazy about you."

My eyes filled with tears. I was so happy, so excited, and so agonized I couldn't speak. I threw my arms around her and buried my face in her neck, holding back the urge to sob.

I kissed her again, and smiled at her long frame, leaning in the doorway. "I'll call you as soon as I can," I said.

"Please," she said, touching her fingers to her lips.

I nodded happily, sniffling, and said "Bye" before my voice had a chance to break, and rushed off to the airport.