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Chapter 2

I was in a dream. But it wasn't a dream, and to make sure, I turned to the tall, strong but pretty lesbian in front of me, magnificent in just her dockers as her soft smile seemed to illuminate my entire bedroom.

I wanted to be with her on the bed, but I couldn't wait even that long for another kiss. I stood on my tiptoes and wrapped my arms around her waist, my face uplifted, begging for another rich, warm branding from her luscious mouth.

She claimed me fully, her long arms wrapped around me, one hand dropping to my buttocks and pulling me up and to her firmly. As I basked in her arms my heart hammered furiously against her bare breasts. Her embrace was full of power, yet still soft and caring. I could have been anywhere at that point, anywhere in the world, all I felt was the sweetness of my Danielle.

I moaned into her mouth and felt her fingers unbuttoning the front of my shorts. I broke our incredible kiss briefly to look at her again, and then my head turned, almost by instinct, to the mirror I dressed in front of every day. This was the mirror that saw Nina Cutler, young wealthy society lady, elegant, in shape and sexy, cultured and poised, donning expensive morsels from her vast wardrobe, draping pearls or diamonds on her petite frame to wow whoever it was that needed impressing that day, before I flowed down the stairs of my mansion.

Now, I looked at myself, and saw my smallish body pressed up against the body of another woman, her breasts rubbing against my neck, her hands now beckoning my shorts down off of my hips. Was that me?

I looked back up at her, and her smile melted me again. She pulled my shorts down and I stepped out of them, leaving me in my panties. I glanced again at the mirror. Without a word, she guided me to the edge of the bed, and gave me the slightest turn, and then an even gentler push in the small of my back, telling me, in the language of sexual telepathy, to bend over the bed so she could disrobe me completely.

I complied, and watched again in the mirror as this young Amazon pulled my panties down off my hips and legs, until again, I daintily stepped out of them. I turned to her, and she bathed me in those dark eyes, then held the panties to her face and inhaled deeply.

"Nina," she murmured. It was a gesture that sent a deep pang of excitement and wonder through my body.

Another woman was looking at me, wanting me, and here I was, in my bedroom naked in front of her.

Danielle unbuttoned her dockers and slid them to the floor. I watched her, mesmerized, and then the rangy blonde goddess stepped to me and cupped my sex in her hand. I closed my eyes, pressed my face to her breast and licked. As her fingers slowly kneaded and stroked me between my legs, I gathered her nipple in my mouth and sucked. How delicious that was, looking up at her, and suckling at her breast. I felt myself sliding into a deep state of submission, my knees were weakening and my womanhood, with each second she explored it with her young fingers, had become a syrupy cauldron.

That made it easy for her middle finger to press against my opening and slide inside me. My arms went around her neck then, and I gasped as her finger made it's wonderful dive into me, until her knuckles pressed against my vulva. "Oh Danielle..." I whispered into her breast, "oh yessss..."

She was stroking my hair, and as her finger drew back to my opening she paired it with another, and now two of her lovely fingers filled me, driving deep again. I dropped to the bed, and she moved with me, descending on me as I did a slow collapse backward, my legs open for her. She kept her fingers in me and stroked, and my gorgeous new savior was straddling over me, her long blonde hair hanging as she drilled me with her fingers. I realized almost with panic that I could cum if she kept it up, and I reached out and grabbed her hand, perhaps the last vestige of any defense I could put up. She withdrew from me, and then brought her hand to my mouth, which was already open. With the tiniest of nods she gave me permission to suck her fingers, and my mouth grabbed them, and sucked my own nectar from them. Danielle's other hand was on my breast, caressing, and my hand went instinctively back down to my center. She pushed it away and stroked my clit, and that sent me sprawling over the edge of the precipice of ecstasy. The taste of my own secretions, offered to me like a dessert by this honeyed creature above me, was too much in itself. When she reached down and massaged my clit with such confidence, as if she owned me, a wave of joyous electricity coursed inexorably through me, and my orgasm was in full throttle.

My body arched, and I seized up momentarily before a high shriek sailed out of my throat. I let go, letting her have me completely, and the waves of

pleasure sent my body spasming.

I had never, ever come so soon in a sexual encounter.

But then, I thought, panting as I looked up into Danielle's face, I had never been swept off my feet by a tall beautiful, confident and powerful lesbian goddess either. As her mouth said something about "sweet Nina", I felt like some princess, kidnapped from her lofty tower by a barbarian Amazon, taken away and plundered deep in her wooded enclave; a sweet prisoner of some ancient warrior queen's desires. She seemed to sense that exact juxtaposition of our womanly personas just then, because she smiled, and lowered her mouth to mine to conquer me again with another of those savagely sweet kisses. Her fingers stroked my hooded clitoris again, and as her tongue stabbed my willing mouth, my body surrendered immediately again, another climax riddled me, and I shuddered, needing air but not willing to let my mouth drift from hers.

She backed away for a moment, and let me breathe. I ached for more of her. I looked from her eyes down the length of her body, then back up.

"Danielle," I said, glancing back down at her pantied vulva, "Please... I've never... I..."

I couldn't bring myself to beg her to let me taste her, but she knew, and she nodded, swinging one leg off the bed and to the floor. I just slid down under her, until my knees touched the wood floor, and found myself surrounded by her tanned, smooth, sweet smelling thighs. In front of me was not a department store ad, not a mannequin at the fashion outlet, but a real, breathing, warm-and very excited woman-her secrets covered only by a green lace thong panty. I took the waist string of the garment in my hands, feeling her warm skin on my knuckles, and started pulling down. How odd, but wildly exciting it was to--after over thirty years of taking off my own panties--be taking panties off the body of another woman! I slid them all the way down and off, and couldn't help but notice the dark stain of fluid in the cotton crotch of them when I laid them gently on the floor. My hands and eyes slid up together, up her legs, silken pillars of warmth, until they were on her pelvis, and I was staring into a neat, closel trimmed mound, her lips pouting gently through the mist of hair, beckoning me. Her scent enveloped me, and I inched my face closer. It would have been a moment of truth, of decision, but there was nothing that could have stopped me by then. Just before my mouth touched her flesh her aroma was so deliciously strong it made me shiver with excitement. With a whimper I pressed my lips to her sex and dipped my tongue along the fissure of her pussy lips. I felt her hand in my hair, her fingers sliding into my scalp, and heard her sigh deeply.

The taste of her sent me into new throes of desire. I had always wondered, when David went down on me, what he was smelling and tasting, and wondered what a woman would feel and taste like, though my upbringing made me bulldoze those thoughts out of the way as quickly as they arrived.

I began to French her pussy as kissing a long lost lover. She moved her pelvis slowly, rocking it into me, and I held onto her hips and moved with her as I licked and sucked her. I was deliriously swamped in her emanations as I felt her body shudder. Oh yes, I thought... please let me make her cum... please I want to pleasure this young woman so much. I couldn't believe how new it all felt, tasted and smelled, and yet how natural and joyous it was to be feeding between her legs, drinking the sweet swill that oozed from deep in her body.

She cried out, her moans throaty and melodic, long and drawn as her body convulsed above me. The heat from her flesh seared me, and I cooked happily, my mouth glued to her center and my arms wrapped tightly around her thighs. I held my beautiful Danielle's lower body as if it were my life ring on a stormy ocean, and she rocked gently as her long string of orgasms subsided.

She pulled me up from my kneel, onto the bed, as if I were light as a cat, and cuddled me to her body as she lay on her side. Our lips were so close that we felt each other's breath as we spoke.

"God, you are wondrous," I heard myself say to her.

She just kissed me back, and a deep shiver went through me as I realized, in the swoon of her kiss, that she was tasting her own nectar on my mouth. This caused an entirely fresh wave of excitement blossoming in my loins, and I found myself pressing against her, my pelvis working almost involuntarily, my legs spread so that I was rubbing my exhilarated pussy against her thigh.

"Mmmm... nice..." she said in approval, and slowly she eased her long, lush body back so that I was on top of her. I mounted her thigh and humped shamelessly, looking down at her as my motions ground and squished my labia and clit on her smooth, muscular leg. It was for only a fleeting moment that the surroundings of my bed reminded me of David, and whatever twinge of guilt tried to worm it's way into my storm of passion at that moment was lost, a feather in a hurricane, when Danielle cupped my face in both her hands and smiled at me. He had never come close to arousing me like this, no one had, and as another orgasm seized me, sending me writhing on her, I felt like no one else ever could.

I collapsed on top of her, my face against her breast while she stroked my hair and my back. My pussy was still pressed against her, and she was able, with her long arms, reach down and stroke my bottom too.

No doubt about it, my surrender was complete. I wanted nothing more at that moment but to be there, listening to her heart, smelling her soft skin, with her long arms around me.

We lay there, wordless, for a long time-it could have been half an hour-and I might have even dozed off, the three vodkas, and the spectacular and unexepected explosion of intimacy that occurred afterward taking it's toll.

She rolled me over gently, though, and I came out of my semi-slumber immediately, eager to feel her anew. I was on my back now, and this incredible girl was moving her mouth down my body, swabbing my neck, chest, and breasts with kisses. The fire that had died to embers in my sex began to roar back to full flame, and soon Danielle's silky hair was brushing my tummy and thighs as she slid between my legs.

"Omigod..." I moaned as her mouth teased my womanhood. She only had to gently push against my inner thighs and I parted for her, whatever inhibitions, social conditioning or other stigmas I had held about sex with my own gender long erased by her affections. She licked and sucked on my sex expertly, and soon I was thrashing under her, an intense series of orgasms rocking me to the core of my being.

She lashed me with her mouth until I could cum no more, blissfully exhausted as I pulled her back up to me.

My face was in her hair as I drifted away into the ocean-blue calm of sleep, her scent light and flowery, just faintly seasoned with the sweat of our lovemaking.

"Will you stay with me tonight?" I asked her, fighting the pull of sleep.

"I would love to," she said, filling my heart with butterflies of joy.

My lover, I thought with amazement, her breasts rising and falling gently against mine... my young woman lover...

I almost had no idea where I was when the phone rang.

I sat up, and Danielle made a purring sound and rolled over, still asleep.

It was one a.m.

"Hello?" I managed, my words thick from my stupor.

"Hi honey, it's me."

David. My husband. A man, I reminded myself as I looked over at Danielle's body, half covered by my sheets.

"Look, we've been up all night trying to hammer out this contract, and it looks like we've got some glitches. We really can't leave without resolving them, so we're gonna stay another day. We have to get the lawyers together on videoconference tomorrow. Sorry Nina. It's gonna take at least until tomorrow afternoon, so I won't be back until tomorrow night or the next day."

"Aww... well ok," I said sleepily, "Whatever you have to do."

Oh and by the way, your wife, all alone here, is just fine, thanks for asking. He never changed. Me, me, me, money, money, money.

"Yeah. Well, sorry to wake you, doll. Talk to you tomorrow."

"It's ok. Good luck with the contract."

"Thanks. Be good."

With a click, he was gone.

"Yeah, ok..."

Be good? I almost giggled out loud. Sure, let me just cuddle up to this beautiful lesbian I've been in bed with all night, David, and I'll be as good as I can.

Danielle stirred, and I slid in behind her, cuddling up to her lovely body. I kissed her back, and my exhausted body drew me into a deep slumber.

When I woke up, my bed was empty, and the day's sunbeams sent swords of brilliant light into the room in orderly rows.

She wasn't in the bathroom. I put on a robe and padded down the stairs. Peeking out the window, I could see that her Jeep was gone.

I sat at the kitchen table.

What happens now? I wondered.

Was this what young lesbians did-one night stands? Or did she get scared? No, not her. I couldn't imagine her being scared of anything.

Should I call her? Was that "how it was done?"

I rubbed my tired head and made some coffee.

Then the phone rang. The caller ID read, "Daisy Chain Lounge."