Love Takes a Business Trip, by Blue Sleighty

My head was pounding with every click of my high heels on the concrete walkway that led from the multi level parking garage to the high rise office building where I worked. I scurried in through the glass doors that swung into the foyer where the elevator closest to my floor waited to lift me up. I was only checking in at the reception desk. I was there to catch the company van to transport me to to our corporate contracted airport.

I knew that I was smarter than I felt, right now, as I grimaced through the slight nausea and headache that pronounced the remnants of my twenty first birthday, and the after effects of too many jello shots. But, it was an unusually special birthday. Aside from being the milestone of adulthood.

I was working my way through college. And, only a few months before, I had taken a new assignment from the temporary service that I worked through. The new assignment was with a large corporation, copying files that were transferred as the result of a merger with another large corporation.

I was in a big room with one other young girl, two large, super high-speed multi-function copiers, and about 1500 boxes of files. My co-worker was only seventeen, already a mother, and was studying to be a nurse. She was very pleasant to work with, with a sharp wit and a great sense of humor. Chatting with her made the day go by quickly. It was difficult to do the job that we were hired to do, with people running in and out all day, pulling things out of the disorganized mess of boxes, in their efforts to locate needed data.

The next day, I spent the the larger portion of the time numbering the boxes, and creating a speadsheet describing their contents. I made a copy of the spreadsheet and distributed it to the employees that required data from the new files. My good work was noticed by the supervisor of the department, and I was offered a permanent position with the company. I was very lucky.

Now I was able to move away from home for the very first time. I had my own apartment. The company offered tuition reimbursement, and other excellent benefits. And, today, I was taking my very first business trip on the company jet. I couldn't believe my great luck.

My new position was with the human resources department as a data technician. Which is, essentially a file clerk. I loved my job, and I found working for a corporation to be very exciting.

My boss, Jill, was a powerful woman within the company. She took an interest in me at first, as a result of my good work as a temporary, and after I became a permanent employee, made it possible for me to receive special training in records management. And, I quickly got chosen to do research and locate documents for a historical documentary that was being compiled about the company. I would be required to go to all nine of our offices around the United States. The first stop was to be in our Pittsburg office.

Jill was confident, intelligent and respected. And very attractive. She was everything that I was trying to become. At the young age of thirty, Jill was already a director. I had a huge crush on her. By day I got her coffee. I worked my ass off to try to impress her. I craved her approval and her attention. By night, my feelings for her perplexed me. In the tossing sleepless hours, I imagined how she would feel , if I touched her the way that I touched myself. And that confused me. I had never had feelings like this for another woman before.

I waited at the designated spot in the reception and information area of our corporate high rise for the company van to pick me up, along with scattered other employees and business associates, to take us to the company jet to fly us to Pittsburg.

It was very exciting. But, I didn't really know anyone yet, so I stood alone, waiting.

Behind me, I heard a bell, and turned to see chrome art deco elevator doors slide apart, framing Jill against the red velvet wall of the elevator's compartment, as she emerged, pulling her luggage along on its wheels behind her.

My face lit up with a smile as she approached. I tried to hide my feelings, trying to appear less interested. I would be so embarrassed if she guessed how I felt about her. "I didn't know you were flying today." I dared not inquire about her business.

"I have to be in Pittsburg for the rest of the week, and part of next. Orienation for the new employees that were brought aboard with the last big merger." Jill smiled, fumbling with her purse and her day planner. She was always professional.

The elevator dinged again. This time, the CFO of the company emerged from the elevator. He joined us, or joined Jill, anyway. They engaged in conversation, and never ceased for the rest of the trip, and the flight to Pittsburg.

On the plane, I sat by the window. I was pleased that the company provided wine on the plane for our enjoyment. I started feeling much better. I wasn't due to work until the next morning. I looked forward to getting some rest. I planned to go straight to my room, which was a corporate suite, and relax.

I took a cab alone from the airport to the downtown apartment building where the corporate suites were leased. The CFO had never stopped talking with Jill, and had in fact, gotten into a limo with her at the airport. I had not seen her since. The cab let me out in front of the building where I was to be staying, and I found the streetside entrance to the suite marked with brass numbers, up three steps, and a stoop from the brick paved street. Number 182. I paid the cab driver and wrestled my luggage inside, and looked around. Not bad.

I had seen a store across the street when the cab dropped me off. I decided to go across and buy some beer. It would be my very first official "beer run" now that I was twenty one. It was late in the afternoon in Pittsburg. As I started out the door returning from the store to my room, my cell phone rang. I scrambled to get it out of my jacket pocket, before it stopped ringing.



"Yes," I answered.

It was Jill. "There has been a little confusion with corporate housing. My room was somehow assigned to someone else. And, there is a big convention in town. I can't find a hotel room any place. I hope you don't mind, but it looks like I'll be rooming with you. At least for tonight."

"OH!" I sounded too surprised. I looked around, and then at the beer in the brown paper sack. I wondered if I would be in trouble.

"I'm waiting on your steps, I'm afraid. See me?" Jill waved, cell phone to her ear.

I looked up. I saw her. I worried about the bag of beer, as I walked up fumbling with the door key.

"Oh! Provisions? Did you get enough for me, too?" Jill joked.

I felt better. I guess that meant I wasn't in trouble. But, I still didn't know how I could possibly endure this night. I felt so- out of my league. What would we talk about? Maybe I could just go straight to bed. I would explain about last night, and my birthday. Anyone could forgive THAT, right?? The suite was small. There was a living area with a love seat and two chairs, a kitchen, a dining area, and a raised platform where there was only one bed. King sized, but only one. I hoped that the loveseat made into a bed.

I went to the refrigerator to put the beer inside to stay cool. I noticed that the refrigerator had wine bottles chilling inside, and a cheese and fruit tray.

"That was my first beer purchase as an adult. I celebrated my twenty first birthday last night." I hoped to segue into, 'and I'd like to go to bed early....' , but before I could say anything, Jill was going for a beer.

"Well, then we have to drink it!" Jill grabbed two bottles out of the cardboard carton, and opened a little drawer to the left of the small refrigerator. There was a bottle opener inside, and a corkscrew. She got out the bottle opener, and popped the tops on the beers. She handed one to me, and raised her bottle. "Cheers!" She said, clinking her bottle to mine. She drank down half of the beer. I drank, too. It didn't take long to feel the affects of the alcohol.

I told her briefly about my birthday party, my friend's names and where we had gone. Jill recalled her own twenty first birthday. Our experiences of that milestone night had been similar. And Jill, too, had hired on at the company at the age of twenty. I liked this side of Jill. She was always rigidly correct at work. And, it occurred to me, I had never really seen her smile before now. My heart thumped as I admired her beautiful mahogony streaked hair. I reached up and ran my fingers through my own dark blond hair.

"If you don't mind let's open one of these bottles of company wine." Jill laughed a throaty laugh. She chose a bottle from the refrigerator, and found the corkscrew. She had the cork out quickly, with no trouble.

Jill found two glasses, poured a glass of wine, and handed it to me. I sat the beer bottle down on the kitchen counter beside where Jill worked, and took the glass of wine from her.

Jill walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, sliding the leather high heeled pumps off of her feet and letting them drop to the floor beside her. Up until that point, I thought I was going to be able to spend this evening without a single impure thought. But when she started rubbing her feet together, I couldn't help but watch. I imagined the sensations generated by one sensuous foot rubbing against the other, and a warmth began to spread through me. I fought off the feelings. I could see red shining toenails peeking through the sheer fabric of her pantyhose. I felt inadequate in my knee socks, and skirt. Like a school girl. I closed my eyes, and took a drink.

Jill stood up, and removed her pantyhose, pointing her toes. She glanced up at me, catching me watching her. And, then Jill sat back down and patted the bed, beside her, as she turned the television on softly. No picture. Just music. Light jazz. Gerald Albright. I couldn't say "no". It would seem odd. So, I hesitantly joined her. I removed my shoes, too.

I listened as Jill talked about the path her career took after school. I told her that I was still experimenting, and trying to find out enough about the world to decide what I wanted to do. So far, I only knew what I DIDN'T want. And, I still had a year and a half of school.

The music got sexier as Kenny G played "The Look Of Love".

Jill gave me a look that I could only describe as sultry. I thought I must have misunderstood. I thought it must just be wishful thinking. I tried to ignore it. I smiled.

"How do you like the company perks, so far, Sheila?" Jill grinned mischeviously.

"I'm very lucky to have such a great job with such a generous company. I would do anything to keep it. Can I rub your feet, boss?" I laughed. I moved to her feet, and began to rub, teasing her good naturedly. Jill laughed. But, closed her eyes and let me continue. I wasn't sure I should, but I did.

I had a sexual reflexology book, and I knew all about the pressure points of the feet and hands. I rubbed and massaged the spots that I had read about, enjoying the slender, sexy curves of her foot. I lost myself in my efforts, before I realized what I was doing.

I'm not sure how much time passed before I heard, "Mmmmmmmm," as Jill moaned softly, breaking my trance like focus on the massage I administered. She looked up at the same time I glanced up from my attention to her soft, smooth foot. Her eyes met mine. "You are very young to know so much about foot massage," she cleared her throat smiling weakly. "That feels wonderful." Her eyes locked with mine. The corner of her mouth turned up in a tiny smile. "Very good." She whispered, still looking intently into my eyes, her lips parted. She took a sip of her wine, and licked her lips.


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I realized what was happening. I looked into her eyes. "Very good?" I whispered. She nodded, 'yes'.

"Sweet Dreams" emanated from the speakers. I lifted her foot to my lips, and swirled my hot tongue over her carefully manicured toe.

I was on fire. I wanted more. I boldly unbuttoned and opened Jill's jacket, her blouse, and then, unhooked her bra's front closure, exposing beautiful, creamy breasts. Jill made no move to stop me, and moaned with pleasure as I took her nipples into my mouth, one at a time, teasing the hard balls that her erect nipples had become with my tongue.

Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with fear.

Would what I was doing be worth it in the morning?


I got up, and went to sit on the loveseat to cool things off.

"I'm so sorry, Jill, I don't know what got into me. It's just that I admire you so much. I have a bit of a crush on you." I stammered. "And, I've had too much to drink." I tried to give the situation every opportunity to come to a polite end.


Jill came to the loveseat and sat down beside me.

I sat with my knees drawn up. Jill parted my knees.

I closed my eyes as she slipped her fingers behind the now damp, thin fabric protecting my crotch. I was embarrassed by my wetness.


"Come back to the bed, Sheila" Jill took my hand, leading me back to the big, king sized bed.

Jill removed her clothes except for her burgundy panties. She crawled across the bed to where I was kneeling, and licked my nipple before taking it between teasing teeth.





"Everything is O.K." Jill whispered.

  The older woman helped slide my skirt down around my hips.

Then she slipped my knee socks down my calves.


  I was in ecstacy when our starving lips met. The kisses that I longed for at night for so long finally touched my hungry lips, and time stood still as I lost myself in the exquisite pleasure. My breath caught sharply as I was overcome with emotion. "Yes," escaped my lips. I did not mean to say it.


  Feverishly we explored each other's bodies, thrilled at the sensation of touching forbidden flesh. We touched ourselves together, enjoying the new experience while satisfying desires long denied.

Jill pulled at my hips, urging me to back up, so that my excited pussy was poised at the mercy of her teasing tongue.

I felt Jill's tongue lick delicately, at first, at my pulsing, engorged clit. I heard her moan when she tasted the juices, and felt her breathe in my scent. Then she pushed her tongue deeper, between my cunt lips, into my tight hole.



I was getting close to climax. I craved the taste of Jill's pussy, and pushed my head down between her thighs, finding her clit with my tongue. Supported by my elbow, I parted her cunt lips with my fingers, and flattened my tongue out against her clit, licking from the base to the sensitive end. I rubbed and licked my flattened tongue up and down her clit in a circular motion. I pushed a finger in side Jill's pussy, while I slid my hot, wet, tongue against her fleshy shaft.




Soon Jill began to move her hips, writhing to meet my pleasuring mouth, and pushing my finger deeper inside her wet clasping, pussy. She began to cry out, as she reached her orgasm. The sounds of her coming aroused me further, pushing me over the edge, until my body shuddered, and jerked with involuntary spasms. Jill sucked at my pussy lips, gently, and licked my wetness from my tight hole.


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After, we lay together, kissing and touching each other, exploring each other and languishing in the afterglow of our sex.