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She sat in the parking lot for ten minutes, watching a few more patrons before taking a deep breath and making sure that she was going to go through with her commitment. Why she had gotten herself deeper into this was an answer she'd rather keep hidden even to herself. The reason didn't matter, really. She said she'd be there, and now, here she was about to enter her first leather bar. The Venture N had a reputation that even she knew about before she began hanging out with the leather-levi crowd. She introduced herself and began interacting in mixed company. She had never gone into a bar totally dedicated to the leather lifestyle. However, since she became a pledge, there were certain obligations she had to meet if she was going to become a full club member. She just never thought about how far she'd go in the name of charity.

She'd been to auctions before, but this was the first time she was one of the items being auctioned off. She checked herself one more time - low cut black tank top, leather vest, tight black jeans, black leather belt and black boots with a studded strap around the right ankle. Of course she made sure her keys hung off her belt loop appropriately on the right as well, signifying the role of the submissive. Another deep breath and she got out of the car, crossed the street and went inside.

The dark blinded her a moment before she turned the corner and was greeted by the dim lights over the bar revealing just how crowded the place really was. Making her entrance was a big deal. All the hawks turned and looked her over, both the men and women. For some reason you can always tell fresh meat. Maybe it's the terrified look in their eyes and the dropping of their jaw, stunned and in awe like a first trip to Disneyland, but this was a whole other kind of amusement park.

Black walls, a few with mirrors and others with murals of bodies in various positions, all muscle toned and bound in leather fashion, some in poses to accentuate body parts and others illustrating the art of bondage. This definitely was mostly a gay man's world, but there were enough women to keep it interesting, and more lesbian women were beginning to let themselves be seen as the boys opened the door slightly to give them a means to do so. The National Leather Association provided support as well as the Mr. and Ms. Leather Contests and clubs like Leather and Lace forming, which was mostly female.

Continuing her exploration, she found black lights that lead the way around corners where couples leaned against each other, some rubbing crotches, others pinching nipples held captive in nipple rings or clamps, while a few club pledges were on their knees performing traditional pinning's. She soaked up every image and walked around in a daze, and she felt like she was watching herself in a dream. "Melissa," she barely heard over the booming bass pounding throughout the club.

Turning around, she saw Michael who motioned for her to come over and join the rest of the group. Making her way through the obstacle course of people, she found her way to them. "We wondered if you would show up," Michael laughed as he hugged her and handed her a cup of mystery punch. This was an anniversary event, and cocktails were served every hour by different clubs. What was in each drink never was divulged to non-members, each club trying to fuck up the others worse than before and vying for the award for best cocktail party. Of course, there was nightly entertainment, and on this night it was the auction.

"So you're running the Gauntlet for us this year," Richard inquired reaching over and kissing Melissa, his Edwardian beard scruffily rubbing against her face. Another reminder why I prefer women, she reminded myself as she smiled and hugged him. The guys were nice, welcoming her as the little sister they all had been searching for or wished they'd had, and as only the second woman to make it to pledge status, she felt special and safe. This group had already transitioned from purely social to charitable, so many of their activities involved community interaction and awareness. In other words they did a lot more than just fuck around, literally. So they gave her an opportunity to get her feet wet, network and familiarize herself with this part of the gay world. She'd already been in the preppy bars, hanging out with all the execs, college students, and others who walked by day and night in pretty much the same clothing. Now she was playing dress up, changing her character the same way she changed clothes, and it was exciting.

"You're all registered. I'll take you to check-in," Michael told her as he grabbed her and led her backstage. "Here's our pledge," he announced when they walked in, as the others turned and surveyed her. Melissa nodded and shook hands with the Emcee. Marvin welcomed her warmly. He was one of the only drag queens to cross into the leather world. Perhaps because he was leather first, and as the AIDS crisis elevated, he made a huge impact through fundraising. But times were changing overall, and even in this element, things weren't what they used to be.

"You look good, girl. This your first time?"
"Yeah, very first," she replied trying to be confident.
"Well, don't be nervous. There are other pledges here in the same boat, no matter what they say. They're just trying to intimidate. Besides, we all had a first time at one time or another."
"I didn't think you could remember that far back, Marvin," quipped Michael.
"You need to shut up, bitch," Marvin responded as Michael smiled cattily. "Well, I'll leave you with Miss Marvin, sweetie. I need another cocktail."

She watched Michael leave and then turned to Marvin, who held a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other. "Now, honey, let me go over all this with you. There's several things you have to pass to show what you can do, and then you get auctioned off."

Melissa's heart began to pound. "Like what," she asked trying to keep her voice from shaking. "Oh, it's not as bad as it sounds, and remember, it always looks far worse than it feels. So, go have a cocktail and bring it back here. We'll be starting in ten."

Oh my God, she thought as Marvin turned to talk to one woman dressed all in white leather, complete with white cat-o-nine's hanging off her waist. She must have been about five-ten, mostly legs covered elegantly in thigh high white leather boots. Her leather corset barely covered up the rest as it went over the breasts proudly boosted and supported to Victorian prime. Her waist length blonde hair framed her face like a golden veil, a tiny bit braided from her temples and around her head like a crown. She also had those incredible cheek bones revealing a bit of Indian heritage in a perfectly natural made beauty. The lighting backstage reflected on her features making a violet hue that turned her blue eyes into ice. Melissa swallowed hard and turned around, going back out into the bar to get that drink Marvin had suggested.

The Leather and Lace crew were gathered around the spot Melissa managed to wedge through. She ordered a Crown and coke from the bartender, noting the word BIT in metal studs on the collar around his neck. Taking a huge drink from the glass, she smiled to herself, thinking about the BIT, the Boy In Training. He was sweating profusely, obviously from some device tucked up his ass judging by the way he walked. Not very attractive she thought, as she questioned taking that drink without thinking first. Suddenly, she thought it best to make her way back to the stage. Before she could leave, though, she felt a tap on her shoulder. Melissa turned around. The woman leaned in to talk into her ear. "Hi, I'm Venetta with Leather and Lace. I didn't know there were any women Colts."

"I'm only a pledge."
"Still counts. What was your name?"
"You're in the auction?"
"Yeah, I am."
"Well…." Venetta responded lifting an eyebrow in interest. Melissa smiled and then thought of a retreat. "Well, I've got to get back stage. They'll be starting soon." "Sure. Good meeting you," was the response as Venetta returned to her club sisters.

Melissa quickly made her way to the stage area, and as if on cue, the announcement was made for all auction participants to gather back stage. Here we go, she thought as she joined the others to watch as Marvin opened the evening's event.

"Welcome to fifteenth anniversary of the Colts. We have a special treat tonight as we are auctioning off fresh flesh for charity. There's pledges from all members of the Council of Clubs, and for the first time in six years, there's a dyke pledge from the Colts. Yes, ladies, a real live woman, all original equipment guaranteed."

Loud cheers and taunts could be heard. There were more women in the VN than ever before, and the few women being auctioned off were in high demand.

"Before we inspect the pledges for bid, I'd like to introduce our guest Dom's for this evening's Gauntlet. For our male contestants, we have former Mr. Leather Houston, Mr. Prime, Mr. Leather Gulf Coast, and this year's Daddy of the Year, Daddy Doug." The crowd roared with whistles and howls as the muscled, leather bound and schnauzer mustached Daddy walked up on stage and acknowledged his admirers.

Once they settled down, Marvin continued. "And for the women, we have two year winner Ms. Leather Houston, former Ms. Leather Gulf Coast, and a prominent member of the leather community, the Mistress Chairty!" Louder whistles and cheers were heard. There was such an enthusiastic response that Melissa had to peep out around the curtains, and as she anticipated, Charity was the woman she'd seen earlier.

"Now, let me explain this year's Gauntlet," Marvin continued, trying to quiet down the crow. "Our pledges will go through three trials, just to show you what they're made of, and perhaps influence the bidding a wee bit. First trial is a favorite for the ladies, the cat of nine's. Each pledge will spin the wheel that our Miss Vanna has right over there," Marvin explained as he directed the spotlight to the guerilla drag queen dressed as Vanna White. "The number that the pointer lands on determines how many licks each will get. You girls might want to play this game at home…."

Laughter filled the room again as Melissa felt her pulse exceed any point where she could actually count the beats. She breathed deeply and exhaled, trying to focus as Marvin moved along. "Next, will be trial by fire, well, hot wax anyway, and finally they'll be hot oil wrestling on this stage for your viewing pleasure. Underwear will be provided for those nasty bitches who didn't bother this evening."

More cheers and then the call finally came. "Now, let's meet our pledges…."
One by one they were introduced, called on stage for a first look, as Marvin called it. Melissa's youthful looks, dark Latin features, full breasts and well-rounded figure served her well on stage. The response was overwhelmingly positive, as she certainly looked the least dykish of them all. After she graduated college and joined the white collar set, her look changed drastically so that she could blend in, trying to be as discreet as possible. At this point, it made her the focus of a great majority of the women there.

"Alright, well let's get the entertainment going. Off to the wheel we go!" Each took their turn according to the way their names were drawn by members of the crowd from the cup of a leather jock strap for the guys and the cup of a leather bra for the women. When Melissa's name was called, she stepped up to the wheel like she knew what she was doing without hesitation, though inside she felt passing out. Her turn at the wheel resulted in nineteen cat licks. She had the option of leaving her shirt on, but this was for charity after all, so she lifted off the tank and sports bra in one movement.

The crowd howled as a topless Melissa bent forward and took hold of the railing on the bar. Charity walked up and ran her hand over Melissa's back, getting a feel for her target. "You've never had this done before, have you," she whispered in Melissa's ear. "No, I haven't," Melissa humbly replied. "Just relax, and I'll make it memorable," Charity gently responded as she stepped back into position and cracked the cat in the air. Melissa winced and then took a deep breath. At least she had warned her first, she thought.

As promised, Charity made this special. She started out softly, letting each strand of white leather teasingly smack against Melissa's virgin skin. She built the swings from partial to full, allowing Melissa to get used to what was happening. With each new stroke came scattered stings and thuds, followed by a warmth that flowed all through Melissa's body. She'd read about this, the rush that could be reached at the hands of a skillful Dom, and the endorphins released at the hands of Charity turned the stings into anticipated strokes of pleasure. She could feel her back firing up, more heat after every stroke coupled with the sound of the leather against her.

The crowd loved it, raising their voices with every stroke, encouraging the intensity in time with the music blaring around them. By the nineteenth stroke, Melissa felt like she was flying, her mind spinning not from pain but from the sheer experience of letting go and allowing this to happen. Putting on her vest, she turned and faced an applauding crowd and then turned her attention to Charity, who smiled and nodded. May I have another is all Melissa could think of as she stepped aside for the next pledge and anxiously awaited the next trial.

For the second trial, they were led upstairs where a pool table covered over with black fabric was centered in between columns supporting various shapes and sizes of candles. There was also another wheel, this time mounted on the wall. Again each pledge would spin, the numbers indicating the amount of time they were to endure the hot waxing. Maximum was ten minutes. Melissa spun the wheel and got seven minutes.

Once again, Charity walked next to her before beginning and leaned close to her ear. This time she whispered, "I'm gonna take you to the next level, sweetheart. Now get your ass on that table." Melissa shook her head in agreement. Then, Charity led her to the pool table and pulled off the vest. "You won't need this, baby." Melissa cooperated fully and then got on the pool table and lay down, not thinking twice about baring her breasts to the crowd. All she concentrated on was Charity. She watched in amazement as Charity stepped up onto the table and stood over her, towering high above with one boot on either side of her. Melissa felt a shudder as her eyes followed the tight long legs up into the blinding light and suddenly she felt her breath becoming heavier and hotter. Charity looked down at Melissa, enjoying the view of the wide-eyed newbie beneath her, and with a show of inspirational muscle control, Charity lowered herself slowly onto Melissa's body. As she bent forward on her knees, Melissa felt the heat from Charity's bare skin pressed against her crotch, and she gasped as the spectators went wild.

Charity pulled one of the candles off its column and raised it. Whistles and cheers continued as Melissa swallowed hard not knowing what to expect. Charity looked straight into her eyes and said, "Put your arms out like you're on a cross and grab the sides of the table. Other than holding on to the sides, don't move any other part of your body." Melissa barely mouthed Okay as she followed Charity's instructions. Like an Olympic champion, Charity held up the candle and then tilted it, allowing the first of the wax to drop down hard and splash over Melissa's left breast. The thrill of it all, the anticipation, made that first hit a bit of a disappointment for Melissa. She thought it was going to be a lot hotter, and Charity carefully watched as Melissa relaxed. Typical virgin mistake, she thought, as she lowered the candle and allowed it to drip a long line of wax from Melissa's throat down to her belly button. This time there was burn, and Charity knew she'd gotten Melissa's attention.

Melissa grabbed the edge of the table harder and harder while Charity proceeded to cover her breasts in wax. Short and long stings depending on the height dropped alternated the experience and the pain. Her head began to swim again as fight or flight kicked in, but Melissa continued trying not to move, not to talk, not to do anything but give herself totally to the control of this woman. The feeling of giving over control and allowing this to happen to her flooded Melissa with adrenaline. The rush was unmistakable, and the more she allowed herself to be at the will of Charity, the more turned on she became.

Finally, when her breasts were completely covered in wax, Charity took a break. Melissa foolishly thought this was it, as ten minutes was called, but Charity had something else in mind. "Bonus round," she called out to the crowd and then looked down at Melissa's face. "Well," Charity asked waiting for Melissa's response. "Alright," was the answer. Charity smiled and nodded. I thought so, she told herself as she called for a blind fold. One of the Lancers gave her his handkerchief, and she fixed it so it could be tied over Melissa's eyes. Melissa had been nervous before and had felt genuine fear, and at this moment, she was feeling both at intense levels. The strange thing was the conflicting feelings of excitement. She could feel her jeans getting more and more soaked and only hoped it wouldn't be too noticeable.

As she listened for what was going on, Melissa heard the click of a lighter and then could smell the smoke from a freshly lit cigarette. God help me, she thought waiting for whatever was to come. Charity didn't make her wait long. The unmistakable heat began to melt the wax over her nipples as the smoke continued to rise all around her. She could hear Charity blowing over the ash, ensuring that the temperature needed to melt the wax was maintained.
Melissa didn't dare move, but her breathing raced madly as she felt the fire from the cigarette's tip. The sweat poured down her forehead as the few minutes it took to melt the thin layer covering both breasts rolled off and dribbled down the sides of her body. Melissa felt exhausted as Charity lifted herself off her body and stepped off the table to a well pleased crowd. Once getting her feet back on the floor, Charity untied the handkerchief and removed it from Melissa's eyes. Melissa lay on the table for a moment, not sure she could even stand. Charity ran her hand over her forehead and then reached down to help her up. Everyone in the room cheered.

Helping her off the table, Charity put her arm around Melissa and hugged her. "Very nice," the Mistress told her and then kissed her on the lips. Melissa tried to get her footing. Her legs shook and a weakness in her stomach made her feel quite unsteady. Michael saw her dilemma and made his way to her side. "Alright, sis," he patiently asked. Melissa looked at him and smiled, "Oh yeah."

After the waxing trial finished, everyone moved downstairs, and the grand finale arrived. Each pledge drew a name. Women drew women, and men drew men. Once they got their partner's name, they were told to strip down to their underwear, and if they didn't have any on, they were to pull from the boxes of jockey's pilled up on one of the tables. Thankfully Melissa had worn underwear that night, black to match the rest of her clothes so they were a decent pair for viewing.

"Now, we are going to do a little something extra. Highest bidder gets to oil up the pledges. Well, take highest three bids from both men and women. Come on, who'll start," shouted Marvin as the bidding began. The entire evening felt surreal, and Melissa felt like she was visiting herself, watching some film of her life somewhere in time. The whole experience had already gone way beyond anything she had ever imagined. Her contemplations were soon interrupted. "We've got our winners," Marvin called as the lucky six made their way to the pledges. Of course, one of them had to be Venetta from Leather and Lace, who couldn't wait to get her hands all over Melissa's body.

Having strangers paw all over her with baby oil definitely tested Melissa's usual conservative nature, especially when extra attention was given to her breasts. They were already sensitive from the wax and cigarette. Still, she had to admit, she felt more turned on than ever, so much so that she actually started to wonder who might buy her, and if she'd get the chance to get some relief. While she thought about the possibilities, Melissa got through the ritual and was ready for her match.

Hot oil wrestling. My God, would mother be proud, Melissa thought to herself as she slammed her body into the greasy lesbian across from her. Slipping against each other, rolling around, underwear making its way into crevices that revealed even more to the crowd gathered around them absolutely blew her mind. How in the world she could be doing this sober, she thought, was beyond any reasoning. As they continued to struggle with each other, Melissa got a big enough jolt of energy that sent her over her opponent and into the position that resulted in winning the match.

Getting up, Melissa felt a sense of satisfaction. She had to admit, she'd had fun, and this was definitely something she never expected she'd do. That in itself amused her, and she smiled to herself as she helped the other woman up to her feet. Again, the crowd showed its pleasure with loud applause that continued through the other matches until all had been completed.

"Well, that's the Gauntlet for tonight. While our pledges are cleaning up backstage, we'll give you ten minutes to take a look at your assets before the bidding begins," exclaimed Marvin as everyone took a break from all the action. Meanwhile, Michael and Richard made their way backstage and helped Melissa get herself back together. They told her that no matter what the outcome was she had done the club proud and that all agreed she was to be a full member of the Colts immediately. She had more than proven herself on this night. Melissa agreed.

When she was ready, she stood with the rest of the pledges waiting to be called back on stage for inspection and the actual bidding. One by one each made their way out and the bidding began. Melissa felt extremely nervous as she listened to the bids. The highest so far went for one of the guys, selling for four hundred and fifty dollars. The price wars were a bit unnerving, but it also worried her a bit that she hadn't been called, yet.

Finally, when there was just one male and her left, Richard peered in and called her over. "Mel, they're expecting you to bring in the most for the women. That's why you're last. This should be good, sweetheart. Just get out there and let them fight over you." The news overwhelmed her. He had to be shitting her, she thought. The highest bid for the women so far had been two hundred seventy-eight dollars. Hell, she didn't expect that much, but her analysis was soon interrupted as she heard her name called.

Making her way up the steps, Melissa walked out onto the stage to beat of the Rolling Stone's "Beast of Burden." She looked around at the crowd as they hollered and cat-called. Miss Vanna took her hand and escorted her around the stage while Marvin encouraged the audience to make note of the fact that until this event, Melissa had not experienced anything on the Gauntlet before, and how much more there was to teach her for the one lucky enough to be the highest bidder. Evidently Charity had talked to Marvin, Melissa noted as Miss Vanna stopped at center stage and the bidding began.

The whole process went by rather quickly, buy the lights were so bright that Melissa could hardly make out all the bidders. There were some males throwing their wallets in the pot, and Melissa really hoped none of them would win her. She'd really feel bad about disappointing anyone, but she just couldn't even consider that prospect. Meanwhile, the bids went on, and before hearing the words going once, twice, Melissa heard a bid of five hundred dollars. She tried to see who the big spender was, but the lights wouldn't allow it. Then came the official countdown. Who was it, she kept trying to figure out, but as the final words came, she soon found out. "Sold for five hundred and eighty dollars, the highest bid ever in VN auction history. Our humble thank you's to Mistress Charity," was the last thing she remembered hearing as the roar of the crowd deafened everything around her, and she turned to make her way off the stage.

Once backstage, Melissa tried to compose herself. She had hoped that maybe Charity would bid for her, fantasized that she'd be the one to win her, but now she had to deal with the reality. Examining herself in the mirror, Melissa made sure she looked her best. For that kind of money, she'd better take a moment to check. "You look fine, girl," Richard interrupted as he walked over and hugged her. "Incredible performance, Mel, and to be bought by Charity for that kind of money, hell, you're making quite a start. You're not going to have to worry about meeting anyone from this point on. They will be looking for you, lil' sis." Melissa smiled one of her goofy grins, the kind that always made its way across her face when she wasn't sure whether something was good or bad but had to go through it anyway. "Come on and get a drink."

Melissa followed Richard to the bar. Various members of clubs made their way to her, hugging her, offering friendship pins to put on her vest and welcoming her to the fold. The moment overwhelmed her, reminding her of some Twilight Zone episode from her childhood. She wasn't quite sure how to feel, and as she grabbed the longneck in front of her and took a long swig, Melissa felt a warm body pressing ever so slightly behind her. Calmly she leaned her back, tilting her head and turning just a bit to get a view. Her motion was quickly stopped by the feel of soft lips against her ear. "I don't have to say I hope you're worth it. I already know you are," the lips carefully whispered, caressingly releasing each word with precision. Melissa turned around and looked up at Charity.

The woman in white held her arms out. In her hands was a white leather collar that she immediately put around Melissa's neck. The two women smiled at each other, knowing that this was only the beginning. "Come with me," Charity commanded though through the sight of her beautiful smile seemed like such a warm and welcoming invitation. "Yes ma'am," replied Melissa as she followed Charity back upstairs and into a room behind the corner bar.

"Ever sport a strap on," Charity asked as she pulled Melissa by the collar towards a couch in the corner.

"I, uhm," Melissa felt her skin heat up, brightly blushing over her lack of knowledge.

"It's okay," Charity reassured right before kissing her, a painfully controlled connection that found Melissa's face held tight and firm in Charity's hand, lips parted and locked tight as her tongue teasingly danced against Melissa's own organ. She'd never kissed like this before and soon her mouth went dry, literally having the breath taking out of her. Charity smiled. She hadn't had a novice in years, especially one so seemingly naïve about even the most vanilla of things. "Sit down, Angel," Charity softly but strongly directed. Melissa complied without hesitation.

"Well, you wore the right jeans," Charity commented as she fell on her knees in front of Melissa's open legs.
"What do ya mean," Melissa inquired wondering what she meant.
"Button flies, darling. If you don't have a strap handy, button fly jeans will always get you through."
"I'm not getting it."
"Oh, you will, my angel," Charity assured as she reached for the box she kept underneath the couch. As she opened it, she looked up at Melissa. She was not disappointed as Melissa looked like a calf at a new gate. "Never seen a toy box, huh?"
"Uh, no. Not like that."
"Just relax and let me break you in, okay?"

Charity pulled out a thick nine inch dildo complete with balls. She grinned at Melissa amused by her role as teacher but feeling more like a dirty old woman. She had to be at least ten years older than Melissa, but this was one opportunity she just couldn't pass up. Meanwhile, Melissa watched hypnotically as Charity unbuttoned her jeans, opened them up wide and stuffed the balls in, leaving the long thick shaft hanging out as she tugged the fly back closed above the dildo and buttoned the remaining buttons back up. Melissa smiled at the sight. She'd never thought of herself with dick, much less one of this size, but hey, at least she was hung.

As she admired her growth, Charity pulled out a condom and slid it over the shaft. Damn that's sexy, Melissa thought as she watched the precision in every movement of Charity's hands. "Ready, angel," Charity interrupted. "Yeah," Melissa responded as Charity stood up and straddled on top of her. Melissa instinctively reached down and held the dildo firm, allowing it to succumb to Charity's will, and as her body continued to descend, Melissa got more and more turned on. When she felt Charity's wet cunt resting on her hand, Melissa almost passed out. There was her crotch, her hand, and the slightest part of the dildo going straight up into Charity, and as she began to pump herself up and down, Melissa's mind soared. She'd never known anything like this before.

"Fuck me," was all she managed to say as Charity rocked herself hard, shoving her body down hard against Melissa, grabbing onto her shoulders and digging her nails into them as the first waves of her orgasm began. Melissa reached around and pulled Charity to her, thrusting upward as best she could, trying to keep up with the rhythm when Charity pressed her mouth tightly against hers, ringing her hips in writhing movements until she breathed out with relief. Melissa found herself breathing just as hard as Charity but far less satisfied.

"Please, I want to come, too."
"Of course you do," Charity responded trying to catch her breath, "but I don't want you to."
"You heard me."
"Do you really think you've earned it?"
"Please Charity, please." Melissa thought she'd cry. She was soaked and in great need for release. "What do I need to do?"
"Just lay back," Charity whispered as she bit Melissa's ear and got off her lap.
"Where are you going?"
"Just do what you're told."
Melissa lay back, starting to feel frustrated. Charity could tell, but that was all part of the enjoyment and this would be a valuable lesson for her young novice to learn.

"Take that cock out of your pants and give it to me."
Melissa complied watching Charity take off the used condom.
"Now pull your jeans off."
Again, Melissa did as she was told.
"Get on your knees."
"Huh," Melissa asked with great concern. Charity leaned in close. "Trust me, baby. I won't hurt you anymore than you want it to. Just say blue, and I'll stop. Okay?"

Melissa took a minute to think. She'd come so far this evening already, and Charity was so incredibly irresistible. "Alright," she said as she got on her knees, bottom up and at the will of her mistress.

"Just relax," was the last thing said as Charity reached into the toy box and got a tube of lube and a new condom. She squeezed a generous amount into her hand and then thoroughly lubricated Melissa's ass. As she pushed two then three fingers into her tight hole, Melissa reached between her legs and rubbed her swelling clit. Already soaked, she didn't require any assistance in making her strokes feel good.

"Now breathe, slowly and deeply," Charity instructed as she covered the cock with a fresh condom began to push the fat head forward. Melissa did as she was told, feeling herself struggling to give way as she continued to fondle herself. The more excited she got, the easier it became to insert the cock, and she felt it pop as Charity was finally able to get the head in past the sphincter muscle.

"Oh God, wait," she begged. Charity listened carefully but did not stop. Instead she encouraged her will to persevere. "I know it hurts, angel, but you can do it. I know you can. It looks so awesome to see your ass stretched so wide. Come one, you don't want to disappoint me, do you?"

Melissa took a deep breath, pausing for a moment, and then resumed playing with herself. As she did, she pressed her hips backwards, allowing more of the dildo to make it's way inside until finally it passed all resistance and smoothly completed its journey inside. "Shit," Melissa gasped as Charity started pumping the cock in and out of her.

"That's a big cock inside your ass, baby."
"You like the way it looks?"
"Oh yeah, I like the way you're fucking it. Fuck it baby, make yourself cum."

Charity simply held the dildo in place, allowing Melissa to go at her own pace, enjoying the view all the way, and when Melissa finally started her ascent, she savored it even more.

"Almost there, baby. Oh God, Charity, I'm almost there. God it feels good. Oh God…," and with that Melissa reached a hard and satisfying orgasm, one that pricked her flesh and caused that familiar pulse of involuntary muscle contractions. As she fell forward, Charity allowed the long cock to slide out of Melissa's ass. She carefully removed the condom, got up, and threw it away. Then she went to the washroom to clean up. When she returned, Melissa was sitting up, buttoning her pants.

"So did I give you your money's worth," Melissa joked as she tried to recover.
"I'm not asking for a refund."
"Good thing cause a donation is a donation."
Charity laughed. "Hungry?"
"Well, go clean up. I'm gonna go back to the bar. I've got to talk to Kelly about something. As soon as you're finished, meet me, and we'll see what we can do about that."

"Okay," Melissa responded as she got up and went to clean up. She turned on the water and washed her hands, taking note of her flushed cheeks. So this is being charitable, she thought, as she finished cleaning up and made her way downstairs.